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  1. Fixed Price Conveyancing
    Our solicitors carry out all the conveyancing work for your house move for a fixed fee.
  2. No-Completion protection*
    You will not be charged any solicitors fees, if for any reason your transaction does not complete.
  3. Local CQS-accredited Solicitors
    With local experience, our solicitors will lead you through the whole of your sale or purchase.
Fixed Fee Conveyancing

No additional fees whatsoever.

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Conveyancing In Yeovil Q & A's

What are the benefits of an online solicitor against a high street firm?

Many commentators and bloggers have suggested that you get so much more from online conveyancers because they have access to state-of-the-art applications to manage their cases and use the latest communication technology.

However, there is nothing stopping high street conveyancing firms from adopting such technology. And they will have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the local area that they can bring to bear on your transaction.

It all comes down to what they offer and how they go about their business. You should get a selection of quotes and read through the terms and conditions in detail to understand the comparisons between what they offer and how much they are going to charge you for the service.

If you choose Homeward Legal, you not only get an experienced proactive solicitor but also access to the latest technology and local knowledge. Call us now on 0800 038 6699 to find out more.

I am completing next January. What should be assessed for stamp duty?

The rate of stamp duty you must pay will depend on the value of the property. It will be £21840 on a £546000 house.

Which local authority is responsible for Yeovil?

Yeovil is located in South Somerset District Council, Council Offices, Brympton Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2HT, phone: 01935 462 462

Is soil remediation of a contaminated plot available in Yeovil?

In Yeovil, remediation can often be possible. A local service provider e.g. White Post Turf, 28 St Johns Rd, Yeovil, BA21 5NG may be able to provide more details.

We are on a deadline and need guarantee fast conveyancing, what do we need to do?

As is often reported, finding a experienced property lawyer is crucial to fast Yeovil conveyancing. There are a number of things you as the purchaser can also do to speed up your conveyancing, including, promptly completing and return any forms, confirming your mortgage offer and calling or emailing the property lawyer, and chase them if you suspect any delays.

When in the conveyancing process do I need to arrange a solicitor?

With a 'no move, no fee' guarantee, instructing as soon as possible is wise. Prompt instruction of a firm to act for you on your Yeovil transaction for a purchase enables you will the details of your Yeovil solicitor ready when you make an offer, or, if you are selling a property, information, especially from slow third-parties, can be requested even prior to accepting an offer.

We have found collections of useful handbooks on the subject of doing the legal work yourself. That being the case, do I need to spend money on a lawyer in Yeovil ?

Legally speaking there are absolutely no arguments at all why a home mover should not do the conveyancing yourself. However, a solicitor in Yeovil juggles a large array of roles from such as raising additional enquiries and maintaining constant communication with agents most of which really need a skilled professional. AT any rate legal firms are under a duty to take out indemnity insurance that ultimately protects you in the event of any negligence.

Is it recommended that I get a chancel search if we are purchasing a Yeovil residence close to a glebe?

Owners of property neighbouring a local church are expected to fund repairs, as a result of chancel repair liability. As a result of the Land Registration Act 2002, interest over any affected land in Yeovil must be registered by October 2013. This will make it easier to identify affected property through a chancel search. Yeovil Church of England properties where a chancel search may be appropriate include Holy Trinity Church, St Andrew, St James and St John the Baptist.