Looking to buy, sell or remortgage your home? You might now be asking “do I need to find a conveyancing solicitor near me?”

However, the fact is that conveyancing doesn't need to be done face to face.

Homeward Legal works with a nationwide panel of expert conveyancing solicitors. Therefore, you can complete your conveyancing transaction effectively no matter where you live.

All are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. And because of that, you can be assured you are in safe and professional hands.

What to look for in a conveyancing quote

No completion protection: Deals to buy and sell property can often fall through. While you may not be at fault, you may be expected to pay for any legal work that's already been done. No completion protection is a guarantee that you won't have to pay all fees in full if your transaction fails to complete. At Homeward Legal, we offer no-completion protection on every quote.

No hidden fees: Make sure all costs are included in the quote. Generally, you should always ask your solicitor what additional fees that might be added to your overall bill.

Ensure a legally qualified person is dealing with your transaction. The term conveyancer does not mean an individual is legally qualified. Look for the terms solicitor, licensed conveyancer or legal executive.

Ask the solicitor how you can track your case. Many law firms now offer online portals for case management.

As a result, once your case is underway, you can log in to keep tabs on its progress.

Does my conveyancing solicitor need to be near me?

All the conveyancing solicitors on Homeward Legal's nationwide panel are technically proficient and forward-thinking.

Consequently, they can manage your case without needing you to be present.

You can usually access their online portal to obtain updates and respond to queries.

Obviously there are times when paperwork needs to be signed is involved. However, this can be emailed directly to you. As a result, you won't be relying on snail mail to get things moving.

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