There are now three distinct land tax regimes in operation across the UK. Stamp Duty Land Tax applies in England and Northern Ireland. Instead of stamp duty, Wales now has the Land Transaction Tax (LTT), while Scotland operates the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT).

Homeward Legal works with conveyancing solicitors across England and Wales.

Therefore, any property lawyer dealing with your home purchase in Wales will provide the information you need on exactly how much your LTT bill will be.

No stamp duty exemption for FTBs

While England has exemptions for first-time buyers, there is no specific exemption for FTBs in Wales.

However, no tax is paid on any purchase up to £180,000, which the Welsh Government is confident covers most first-time property buyers in the principality.

LTT operates on a similar sliding scale to that used by SDLT in England. And just as with SDLT, your conveyancing solicitor will complete a tax return with the Welsh Revenue Agency within 14 days of completion.

Use the Welsh Government's LTT calculator to figure out how much you will pay when buying in stamp duty in Wales.

Here are the 2019 rates for LTT in Wales:

Property/land priceLTT rateAdditional property rate
- to £180,0000%3%
£1,500,001 and above12%15%

Smooth conveyancing transaction

When you are buying a property in Wales, your quote for conveyancing services from Homeward Legal will reflect the LTT rates.

And your conveyancing solicitor will be registered with the Welsh Revenue Agency to ensure a smooth completion of your transaction and your LTT paid within the required time.

Wales stamp duty made easy

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An instant no-obligation quote online will also give you a good idea of the value-for-money conveyancing services on offer from Homeward Legal for all buyers and sellers across England and Wales.

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