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Lorraine Imhoff is both a Legal Consultant and a client of property lawyers.

Lorraine has built a significant property portfolio over the years and has been a client of a number of solicitors. As a result she describes her view of the property legal sector as “balanced and real worldy”.

She is highly critical of the conveyancing sector and writes for a number of publications in the property world. At times this has led her to cross swords with the old-guard, especially when criticising unacceptable standards of communication and a lack of pro-activity in the conveyancing world. She is well known for championing the consumer.

Lorraine has played a key role in the establishing of Homeward Legal and experience has allowed us to redefine elements of the conveyancing process from the ground up.

As both client and legal expert, she has helped build more efficient processes that benefit home buyers and sellers.