19 Sep, 2018/ by Homeward Legal /First Time Buyer

First-time buyers are applying for a mortgage at ever-younger ages, says new research.

According to Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, those who need a loan to get a foot on housing ladder for the first time are younger than they were five years ago.

A third (30 percent) of first-time buyer applicants were aged between 26 and 30 in the last year, while more than a fifth (22 percent) were aged in the 21-25 bracket.

Across all age groups, mortgage applicants are also getting younger, say the banks, with the majority aged 36-40 - five years ago, most applications were from those in the 41-45-year-old age bracket.

The research also revealed that the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks receive a mortgage application every 15 minutes.

Head of mortgages Caroline Graham said: "The financial issues with renting have been well documented and so people are being urged to save for a deposit in order get onto the property ladder as early as possible.

"We've also been in a prolonged environment of historically low interest rates and even as base rate starts to rise many monthly mortgage repayments cost less than rent so consumers are better off.

"With high rental costs causing financial strain to many, it's positive to see the age of customers applying for a mortgage is decreasing.

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