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15 Sep, 2016/ by Homeward Legal /Buyer, Sale & Purchase, Seller

When we talk about ‘bespoke conveyancing', we mean a conveyancing quote that is completely tailored to your specific needs. While this is beneficial for everyone looking to buy or sell, there are some special situations where a one-size-fits-all model just won't cut it.

Listed properties

A listed building comes with a few more complications than a non-listed one. Due to the legal restrictions protecting this kind of property, you'll want a bespoke conveyancing quote to include extra conveyancing searches to see if you'll be allowed to renovate or extend at any point, and you'll most likely require an in-depth survey to check the property is sound as well. You'll want to be paired with a solicitor who knows about listed properties and can provide you with a tailored conveyancing quote containing all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision about the property.

Leasehold conveyancing

Buying or selling a leasehold property is far more complicated than a standard freehold property. Your property solicitor will need to examine the lease and find out: • Who owns the freehold? Is it an individual, company or management group? • How long does the lease have left and if it's under 80 years, how much it will cost to extend? • Will the mortgage lender approve the loan if the lease is less than 80 years? Often not. • Are there any legal obligations to be fulfilled after the purchase? • How much will the service charge be? • Whose responsibility is the Building Insurance Policy and how much will it be? • Does the leaseholder need permission from the freeholder to sell? As you can see, there are many things your property solicitor will need to cover before you buy or sell a leasehold property. A standard quote may not cover all of these extra tasks, but a bespoke conveyancing quote will ensure that your solicitor pays special attention to your situation from the get go.

Complicated chains

A ‘chain' is when the buyer or seller is waiting on someone else to buy or sell their own property before they can continue. If each person we need to wait for is called a ‘link' in the chain, it's easy to see how the more links you have in a chain, the longer it will take to complete your sale or purchase. For example: Sarah is buying an apartment from Joe, but needs to wait until the money from her own apartment sale comes through first. The person buying Sarah's apartment, let's call her Liz, can't give Sarah the money until someone puts a new offer in on her houseboat since the last buyer pulled out last minute, breaking the chain. So poor old Joe is going to have to wait to complete the sale until both Sarah and Liz have the money to proceed in the chain. There are some ways around this such as a ‘Bridging Loan' - a short term loan designed to ‘bridge the gap' between buying and selling, but these can be very expensive and should only be used if you're worried that the property will go to someone else. In all of these examples, a bespoke conveyancing quote will help out immensely as your solicitor will be able to inform you of the best way to proceed and will pull out all of the stops to get the sale moving faster. These are just three examples of situations where a one size conveyancing quote does not fit all, and a bespoke conveyancing quote is a much more helpful option to ensure your sale or purchase receives the correct care and attention it needs. Call us on or use our online quote service to get a bespoke conveyancing quote for yourself.

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