Homeward Legal puts the customer first every time. Our fixed-fee and "no-completion, no-fees" guarantees are often the prompt for happy clients who leave a 5-star review for us on trusted review site Trustpilot.

Guarantee meant fees paid for 2nd offer

Like this one from happy home buyer Anthony.

He wrote: "Amazing service. My first offer fell through but thanks to the guarantee, my second survey, searches and legal fees were all free of charge. Process was very easy and Mark was very helpful in all of this."

Pledge to all customers

Homeward Legal's pledge is that we will always be up front about the costs involved in conveyancing services for buyers and sellers.

We detail the fees and disbursements involved from the start, so you won't be hit by unexpected charges later on in the transaction.

Crucially, we ensure you won't lose a penny when your transaction fails to complete for any reason with our "no-completion, no-move" guarantee.

Give our friendly team a call now on and create your own 5-star conveyancing journey.

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