When you need a specialist solicitor or conveyancer for your property sale or purchase, or for any legal work around a property, you can trust Homeward Legal to deliver.

Our expert team handle thousands of cases every year, and the consistent five-star reviews on Trustpilot - more than 500 so far - demonstrates just how successfully Homeward Legal takes care of its clients.

Don't take our word for it. Let's see what some of our delighted five-star reviewers have to say.

Consistent care from the start

Homeward Legal prides itself on the consistency of its service with our sales team staying with a client from start to finish - and often from re-start to finish.

Greg gave us five stars when he wrote: "It's nice to come back to the same contact person months later, who remembers your case and is instantly on your side, trying to simplify the process.

"Previously I had paid a deposit, but my auction purchase fell through. Months later and Mark at Homeward Legal was again excellent - after most business hours (6:15pm!). My deposit was quickly transferred to the new instruction and things were rolling forward straight away."

Explaining all your options clearly

Paul and Chrissie Warren called on Homeward Legal when they needed to complete a Transfer of Equity - where an individual or individuals is added or removed from a property title (ownership).

Giving Homeward Legal five stars for the service provided, they wrote: “We found Joshua at Homeward Legal as our first legal representative to be courteous, professional and informative.

“He explained to us all our options and gave us a breakdown of the exact fees we would need to pay and the process of Transfer of Equity we would go through with Homeward Legal in detail.

“All has gone to plan… in the process. We are delighted with the Homeward Legal services so far and would highly recommend them.”

Making the process ‘less scary'

Five-star reviewer Debra Rawnsley was delighted with the peace of mind she got when she used Homeward Legal.

She wrote: “When I phoned, Joseph was very knowledgeable and could answer all my questions and everything was extremely clear. So far, they have been very helpful and made the process of conveyancing seem less scary.”

Start your own five-star journey with Homeward Legal now by callingor get a conveyancing quote online now.

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