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The world of conveyancing is filled with myths about the quality, price and time it takes for the conveyancing process to be completed, but at Homeward Legal, we want to make sure you know exactly what to avoid, and what you can expect with an experienced and reputable property solicitor.

1. Cheapest is best

While value is always important, when it comes to conveyancing this should not be the number one concern. Of course you should still shop around for price, but make sure you compare other things like experience, reviews and whether or not the firm offers fixed fees. If they don't offer a fixed fee service up front, you may find yourself hit with a huge and unexpected bill at the end, making your cheap deal a false economy.

2. Conveyancers are impossible to get hold of

Conveyancers might be busy but in today's modern age of email, texting and instant message, there's no reason why your conveyancer should be missing in action. If you hire a reputable conveyancer, you should always be able to get a reply from them, or at least someone in the office who can help with your enquiries.

3. Local conveyancers will do a better job.

Some people still prefer a local conveyancer, but just like point 1, you shouldn't make this your deciding factor when trying to find a solicitor. A non-local conveyancer can do a great job thanks to the internet, and things like searches and correspondence can all be done online. Choose your solicitor based on value, experience and reviews instead and keep locality a secondary requirement.

4. It's cheaper and easier to take your estate agent's conveyancing package

Your estate agent will probably offer you a deal on your conveyancing. This may seem like the easiest option rather than spending time searching for your own solicitor, but in most cases you will end up bearing the cost of the estate agent's referral fee - up to £400 extra on your bill.

5. Conveyancing is a very long process

The biggest myth out there is that conveyancing can take forever to complete, but this is just not the case. Without any complications or delays from the other party, you could be looking at completing within just 8 - 12 weeks, and if you choose a good solicitor like one from Homeward Legal, you're guaranteed to receive a quick and quality service. Call us today on or get an instant quote online from our expert property solicitors.

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