Thinking about completing quickly?

You may be thinking about buying or selling a property, or you are fairly far down the line. Either way, like many others, you may be uncertain about the current market and want to complete sooner rather than later.

Reasons you may consider faster conveyancing

Naturally, everyone wants to complete their property purchase or sale as fast as possible. However the average timeline of conveyancing is such that you can expect the process to take approximately 6 - 12 weeks, sometimes more.

Your circumstances may be different to others, and you may have a strong reason to want to complete faster. In this case, you'll be looking for a conveyancing solicitor, or licensed conveyancer, who is ready to meet that demand.

How to find a speedy conveyancing service

We work with solicitors and conveyancers around England and Wales who look after clients in many different situations. Though most of these professionals offer the standard conveyancing service, thanks to a handful who are used to working in a more pressurised and time critical situation, we are able to offer an expedited conveyancing service to those who need it.

How to organise an expedited conveyancing service

We would be happy to quote you for your expedited conveyancing service. We are up front about our fees, and you can quote for a standard conveyancing transaction here, but for an expedited service please get in touch.

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