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For many millennials, a return to the family home has become an essential part of their journey to eventual home ownership.

But not everything in the garden is rosy when "boomerang" children return to the empty nest.

Not doing enough around the house

A new survey shows that while more than half of parents quizzed were thrilled to be spending more time with their adult offspring and helping them to build a deposit for a home, more than a third (34 percent) are hacked off when their child brings a boyfriend or girlfriend back to live with them.

And the main issue is that the younger pair don't do enough around the house.

Opinium carried out the survey on behalf of Churchill Home Insurance. The results revealed that one in seven parents say their offspring and partner don't help with the housework, causing tensions in the home. One in 10 reckoned their kid's partner actually treats their home like a hotel.

Rarely pay rent

Opinium quizzed more than 1,500 parents with adult children. A third (30 percent) charge their child rent but only an average £115.60 month, a fraction of the market rate for rent. Live-in boyfriends or girlfriends also get a great deal on rent from their partners' parents, with only 18 percent of them asked to contribute anything to the household.

Around 3.4 million people in their 20s and early 30s still live with their parents in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Able to save more

A spokesman for Churchill said: "Moving back in to the family home is becoming ever more popular and is often the only choice for young adults who are trying to save up for a house deposit of their own.

"While it's surprising that so many have opted to move back in with their parents with their partner in tow, this does allow couples to save more while still living together."

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