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12 Sep, 2019/ by Homeward Legal /Sale & Purchase

British commuters spend the equivalent of a year and a half of their lives travelling to and from work. And the cost of all that travel is a hefty £37,399.

Almost half of all commuters actually enjoy the journey into work with one in 20 telling Lloyds Bank's How Britain Lives study that they love the daily commute.

East Midlands best region for travelling

The study, carried out with YouGov, quizzed those who have to travel to work on their daily journey, the time it takes and its cost, revealing British workers spend more than 10 days (251 hours) travelling to and from work every single year, at an annual cost of almost £800.

Over the course of a working lifetime, that adds up to 492 days on trains, buses, cars and bikes.

Londoners have the UK's longest commute with an average daily time of 84 minutes, while the east Midlands was named the best region for travelling to a job with workers only spending 49 minutes a day getting to work.

Equivalent cost of city break

Miles Ravenhill, director at Lloyds Bank, said: "Commuters in the UK are spending almost £800 a year on their journey to and from work - the equivalent of a city break to sunny Europe.

"While many dream of rolling out of bed and straight into the office, the daily commute is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself, whether that's keeping up with the latest news, unwinding to a podcast or relaxing to some music."

Move can cut out commute

One way of cutting out the commute is moving closer to the job or choosing to find a job nearer to home.

The regeneration of many city and town centres to include more homes means many younger people in particular are choosing urban living.

Meanwhile, the growth in working from home, thanks to digital technology, means those who do have to travel to work often have the option of a lie-in before firing up the laptop for the daily grind in the comfort of their own home.

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