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The big day went without a hitch. Cheering crowds waved flags as the betrothed couple pledged their lives to each other. Now they are ready to start their happy ever after in their first home. Typically for young newlyweds, theirs is a starter home, a cottage, in fact.

It's just that their cottage is in the grounds of a palace and theirs is the most talked-about wedding of the year.

Prince Harry tied the knot with Hollywood star Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle last weekend, and now the young couple - officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - will officially move into Nottingham Cottage, the home in the grounds of Kensington Palace where Harry has lived for several years.

Palace grounds for Harry and Meghan's starter home

It is certainly stretching things somewhat to say Harry and Meghan are just like other young couples starting out on their married life together, although Harry did have to count on the Bank of Gran and Dad to finance his first home.

Reports suggest Nottingham Cottage is on the cosy side with just two bedrooms. While that hardly sounds grand, the fact that its reception rooms were designed by Christopher Wren, the architect who designed St Paul's, tends to mark this cottage out as more out of the ordinary than the usual starter home.

But just like most people who have got a foothold on the property market, Harry and Meghan are probably already thinking of their next move. Perhaps to a bigger apartment inside Kensington Palace or a country estate in the Cotswolds, following in the Hunter-shod footsteps of other notables such as Prince Charles and the Princess Royal.

Providing a fairytale ending

Ok, the reality for everyone else who wasn't born into royalty or carved out a showbiz career is that their starter home won't be in the grounds of a palace and their next step up the property ladder is unlikely to be a grand estate. But it's nice to dream!

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