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More than eight out of 10 Brits say they're happy in their home, yet almost half say they'd still consider making a move.

Barclays Mortgages quizzed families about their feelings for their home to reveal what they love and hate about their property.

Both kids and parents said a child having their own room was the best thing about their house, followed by living close to family and friends and having fast wifi.

Spare rooms crucial

Negatives were similar, too - kids don't like a place with no room for sleepovers while parents say not having spare rooms to entertain family and friends is an issue.

And while 83 percent say they are happy in their current place, 45 percent said they still think about moving home.

Practical parents prioritised children having their own rooms (49 per cent) and outdoor space (44 per cent) over fond memories (20 per cent) and proximity to family (31 per cent).

When it came to connections, a quarter prioritised speedy Wi-Fi (25 per cent) over living close to friends (23 per cent).

No monsters under the bed

Quizzed on why they loved their home, 66 per cent of children said it made them feel safe; a third liked the strong wifi connection and 20 percent noted the lack of household monsters!

Asked to reveal what would make their dream home, children unleashed their imagination and went for a swimming pool, games room and cinema.

The research revealed some interesting regional differences in the UK. One in four Liverpudlians love their home because it's near a great takeaway - the national average for that was 16 percent.

One in five parents in Sheffield are happy to stay put because of a good local pub, compared to the national average of 12 percent.

And in Bristol, poor water pressure in the shower bothers more than one in 10 homeowners, a dislike that only affects 8 percent across the country.

Always looking for something more

Barclays Mortgages has teamed up with TV property expert Lucy Alexander to reveal the top tips on how parents can make the best of their home.

The former Homes Under The Hammer presenter said: "We all have different views on what makes a good home, and one person's dream home could be another's idea of hell!

"It's no surprise that children dream of a slide instead of stairs, and I think we all secretly want a games room, but I'm amazed to see that so many supposedly happy homeowners would still consider moving.

"The grass is clearly greener, and many of us are always looking for something more from our homes - whether it's a bigger kitchen, a shorter commute or simply more outside space."

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