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Three days into 2018 and we've probably all forgotten the resolutions we made as the first chimes of Big Ben heralded the new year. But if you resolved to make this the year you buy or sell a home, then January really is the ideal time for the freshest of starts.

Buyers are energised to start the search for a new home, while sellers like to take advantage of the new year to get their property on the market.

Good time for buyers and sellers

According to the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), January brings an extra 10 percent of buyers to the market. In January 2017, that meant 11 buyers were chasing every property on the market with the result that one in 20 properties sold that month went for more than the asking price.

While those figures make happy reading for sellers, January is also a good time for buyers. While there may not be as many properties on sale, those searching at this time of year are serious purchasers, and that determination can often help a buyer drive a good bargain when it comes to the selling price.

The long festive holiday season is now over and so estate agents, solicitors and the other parties essential in achieving a sale or purchase are back at their desks and raring to go.

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