Better digital communications should be used to improve the conveyancing experience for home buyers and sellers, according to new research.

Software provider InfoTrack surveyed buyers and sellers about their perception of the conveyancing process. More than half of those quizzed (55 percent) said they were unhappy with some aspects of conveyancing, in particular the lack of control they felt over the process.

The lack of communication was a big issue with 44 percent of buyers said they didn't get enough information from their solicitor or conveyancer. However, 67 percent of conveyancers who took part in the survey said they kept their clients fully informed and 86 percent of buyers and sellers accepted that their conveyancer did what was expected of them.

Helpful to track case online

Almost half (47 percent) said regular digital communications from their legal representatives would have been helpful, and they identified online portals, instant messaging and text messages as the best way to be kept informed of what is happening with their transaction. More than a third (36 percent) said tracking the progress of their property searches online would be helpful.

Scott Bozins, chief executive of InfoTrack, said: "While home movers are broadly happy with the core conveyancing service, our research points to increasing expectations around customer experience.

"In a world where you can control your entire home from a smartphone, there is a need for conveyancers to use digital technologies to reshape how they work and how they engage with clients. This isn't about changing the process but about meeting the expectations of today's mover and reaping the rewards of increased satisfaction."

Responding to customer demand

There are some signs that the conveyancing industry is starting to respond to customer demand for digital communication. The InfoTrack survey revealed that home movers who had IM and text messaging from their conveyancers had risen from 6 percent to 11 percent in the last three years, while online portal use has gone from 4 percent to 15 percent.

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