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At Homeward Legal, we work hard to deliver efficient, cost-effective conveyancing services to all our clients. The proof that we're achieving our goal comes in the five-star reviews from our satisfied clients.

First-time buyers who are new to the whole business of buying a property are particularly thrilled with the hands-on approach Homeward Legal's expert team takes to their transaction.

Vital information for first-time buyers

Five-star reviewer Sophie said: "Mark made the process really easy and simple. For a first-time buyer, this information is vital! Thank you."

Leanne is another first-time buyer who felt a lot more comfortable with what lies ahead after working with Homeward Legal. Handing out five stars in her review, she said: "I'm a first-time buyer so I wasn't too sure what questions or information I needed. Jake made it very easy. He explained everything and made me feel very comfortable about any questions I did have.

"He was really polite and very helpful."

You can see Homeward Legal's commitment to helping newcomers to the housing market in our dedicated First-Time Buyers' Hub, packed with information and resources that explain exactly what's needed to buy a home for the first time.

7-day service is a boon

Our seven-day service is also a boon to buyers and sellers. David awarded Homeward Legal five stars when he wrote: "Very helpful and responsive. I got a quote online and received a call back within minutes even though it was the weekend."

Our advisors also received a pat on the back from five-star reviewers. Sideris said: "Great service from Mark. Nice and efficient as expected." Mrs Birch wrote: "Excellent service. Charles was extremely helpful." Croash said: "Jake was very helpful, explained the process clearly." And Angela said: "Mark was friendly, helpful and professional."

Abu handed out five stars and a recommendation: "Great service, very professional. The team members were very useful and answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend."

Leading to Utopia

Finally, we know that sometimes having to deal with a solicitor isn't always something we want to do. But retaining a sense of humour when circumstances are difficult is always a positive thing.

Let five-star reviewer Ertan explain: "I phoned a number of options to get a quote, which ranged from much higher quotes to no answer. One recorded message was so scary I shied away.

"With Mark at Homeward Legal, he was patient, polite and positive and provided details about the service and what to expect. I promise you when you do something like this, you get many people who respond from a script and they leave you feeling a little suspicious. Not so here.

"Anyway, I have received a call from my referred solicitor around an hour and a half later, as promised and my wife is in the process of being taken off the house and on her way to the start of her Utopian life."

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