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We all have different priorities when it comes to looking for a new home.

For some, it's all about location. For others, price is king.

Now new research has revealed what UK home buyers really want when they go property hunting - and a fast broadband connection and a good local pub are high on the list of wants.

Broadband a priority

Broadband provider Hyperoptic asked home movers their priorities when looking for a new place to live.

More bedrooms was the biggest priority along with that speedy internet connection and being close to a decent pub.

Having a bigger living-room mattered more to those questioned than a modern kitchen.

And having shops nearby was a bigger drawn than extra cupboards.

Transport key

Transport was important, with three in 10 of those who took part in the research saying their new home should be near a railway station.

Slow wifi was a no-no - more than two-thirds of those who responded to the Hyperoptic survey saying they'd have second thoughts about buying if their new home didn't have fast broadband.

Two in five even said they'd changed their minds about buying when they were told the whole area had poor broadband speeds.

Rise in flexible working

Charles Davies, managing director of Hyperoptic, said: "The results show an interesting change in home movers' preferences in recent years.

"People rely on the internet so much nowadays for everything from entertainment to working and keeping in touch with others.

"The rise in flexible working and the number of people working from home is likely to have had an influence on homeowners' needs, such as speedy broadband.

"It's interesting to see how wifi is in the same list of priorities as parking and garden sizes."

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