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The UK's city slickers would willingly move to slash their commute, but those who live in urban areas are happy to stay put.

A new survey from the Canary Wharf Group has revealed that 70 percent of people would move house if it meant their work travel time was reduced, reflecting a growing desire for better work-life balance.

Rural living more appealing

Those who live in cities are most inclined towards a switch closer to their workplace.

In London, almost half (47 percent) fancy living nearer work, while 40 percent of Birmingham residents would consider moving to reduce their commuting time. Of those who live in Oxford, 37 percent are keen not to travel as much while a third (33 percent) of residents in Newcastle and York feel the same.

Only 8 percent of residents living in rural areas would want to live nearer their place of work.

Desire to be close to work

When quizzed on their reasons for moving home, 48 percent of respondents said being closer to the office was key. Other important factors including having better amenities (53 percent), having a garden (56 percent) and being closer to good schools (25 percent).

Those in the 25-34-year-old age bracket (63 percent) were most likely to think of relocating for a shorter commute with 43 percent of 35-44-year-olds also considering a move.

According to the research, the average UK commute takes 32 minutes, covering 22 miles with most commuters using a vehicle (65 percent) and only 17 percent walking and 10 percent biking.

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