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10 Aug, 2018/ by Homeward Legal /Sale & Purchase

A staggering 15 percent of the average British house goes unused, vital space that could be worth more than £34,000 to a homeowner.

New research by telecoms provider TalkTalk shows that attics, spare bedrooms and garden sheds top the list of household spaces least used by householders.

But even with all those under-utilised places gathering dust, almost half of Brits (43 percent) say they'd be happy to move house to get MORE space.

Willing to pay for no wifi blind spots

TalkTalk's research revealed that 63 percent of us would use more areas in our home if our wifi connection was stronger, and we'd be willing to pay a whopping £12,000 on average for a home that had no wifi blind spots.

And those looking for a new home value an excellent wifi connection above other facilities, 96 percent saying they'd prefer that ahead of good schools, restaurants, pubs, parks and open space.

According to the survey - commissioned as part of the launch of TalkTalk's new wifi hub - 31 percent of attics, 30 percent of spare bedrooms and 7 percent of garden sheds are either under-used or not used at all.

Make better use of neglected areas

Participants in the survey said they either used these spaces for storage (37 percent) or had simply forgotten about them (10 percent). Those who said they'd like to upgrade their unused rooms or areas in the home identified relaxation dens (13 percent), home cinemas (20 percent) and gyms (15 percent) as the best use.

Meanwhile, a quarter of 18-24-year-olds (25 percent) said they'd want a big-screen gaming area.

Phil Amy, head of product at TalkTalk, said: "Our new wifi hub is helping UK homeowners open up more corners of their home than ever. With stronger connectivity, we can make better use of neglected spaces in our homes; from home cinemas in the attic, to garden shed gaming dens and garage gyms, the possibilities are endless."

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