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29 Sep, 2023/ by Homeward Legal /Remortgage

With the often turbulent state of the housing market, with conflicting reports on how well it is doing overall, it is sometimes very difficult to understand what your options might be to reduce your payments. 

The recent monthly increases in the Bank of England base rate has not helped the state of the mortgage market, as lenders increase the rates of their products in tandem.

But now many experts believe that the interest rate rises have halted, at least for the time being, as the pressure on the economy has eased with the inflation rate coming down to slightly more manageable if still quite high levels.

It therefore comes as no surprise that people wanting to get a better rate on their current mortgage are looking at the variety of remortgage options on the market.

To this end, Uswitch have asked their remortgage deals expert, Kellie Steed, to look at the most common questions that are asked on the subject.

Key points from the study:

  • Conveyancing solicitors and the remortgaging process length are the most questioned topics by UK homeowners, with over 49,000 related searches annually
  • There are over 14,700 searches around how to release equity every year
  • Questions about remortgaging requirements are searched over 18,000 times annually, the third most searched topic analysed
  • How to remortgage and release equity was searched 7,320 times in the last 12 months

As interest rates are expected to drop for the first time in almost two years, many homeowners will see an opportunity to remortgage their homes at a better rate. To help borrowers tackle the often confusing remortgage landscape, the experts at Uswitch remortgaging have answered the market's most search questions.

The top five searched remortgage legal topics:

RankTopicYearly searches (UK)
1Conveyancing solicitors26,400
2Remortgaging process lenght22,920
3Remortgaging requirements 18,725
4Equity and remortgaging 14,760
5Remortgaging taxes7,800

Source: Uswitch 

As can be seen from the data, conveyancing solicitors, the remortgaging process length and remortgaging requirements are the most questioned remortgage legal topics, with over 68,000 searches across all three subjects. 

The experts at remortgage deals analysed questions across these topics and answered the most frequently asked for each one respectively.

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