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HS2 is the planned high-speed railway line northwards from London.

At present the detailed plans have been released for Phase One, which will run from London Euston to Birmingham and extending on to past Tamworth and Lichfield.

The route will create major upheaval for anyone living on or near it and needless to say, if buying a home on or near the route one would wish to be informed of the impact it will have.

Proposals for Phase Two have also been announced.

These envisage two lines from near Lichfield, one going north-east to Leeds, with intermediate stations in the East Midlands and Sheffield, and one line heading north-west past Stafford and on towards Crewe and Manchester.

The plans for the London - Birmingham route and beyond affect many homes.

There are a number of providers of the HS2 Search including Argyll and Groundsure. The search will be recommended to buyers where the it is clear that the property address is within a specified distance of the route itself.

What does the search reveal?

The search will find out if the home you are thinking of buying is affected by the proposed line.

It will give details on the impact, distance from the route, compensation schemes available, compulsory and voluntary purchase details as well as a timetable for the rollout of the HS2 program.

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