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The conveyancing 'Planning Search' is an property search available to home buyers in the UK.

This search recommended if you want to find out information about possible development near the property you are thinking of buying.

When you get a free purchase conveyancing quote through Homeward Legal, we will also quote for disbursements, including property searches.

Local Searches not detailed enough

A local search does not provide information about planning consents or applications relating to any other properties.

So you could buy your new home and then find out that a neighbour has already got permission to build a large extension, or even that a supermarket chain has just lodged a planning application to build a superstore on the open land behind the garden.

Property owners and developers often do not start development for some time after obtaining planning consent.

However they can start work at any time while the consent remains valid - often up to five years. Planning consents can also be renewed in some cases. So it makes sense to check whether there are any such dormant consents near your new home where building work could be started at any time.

Planned developments up to 250m

A detailed planning search, like the one offered by Homeward Legal, will provide you with details of any existing consents or applications relating to property within a 250 metre radius.

Call us on or use our free quick quote system to find out more about conveyancing planning searches, or to get some conveyancing advice from our helpful team, no matter what stage of your sale or purchase you're at.

  • Residential and commercial planning applications to 250m - specific house extensions and larger scale projects
  • Detailed planning project descriptions and application status information Points of local interest including transport, recreation, retail and entertainment
  • Telecommunication masts and mobile transmitters data unique to this search pack
  • Primary and secondary schools league tables up to 2km from property
  • High detail colour aerial photograph
  • Large location maps with data overlays
  • Local authority information including tax banding, costs and contact details
  • Electricity pylons and overhead transmission lines
  • Radon and Radon Protective Measures
  • Designated Environmentally Sensitive Sites


  • Homebuyer friendly, easy to interpret information
  • Likely key neighbourhood concerns captured in one report
  • Not just large but small planning applications - see what the neighbours have done or could be doing


  • Helps reveal the potential for and type of property extension possible in the area
  • Uncovers the best schools and the safest areas to optimise the location
  • Helps to understand the restrictions/impacts that could limit development and property equity growth

Call Homeward Legal on and we'll explain the entire conveyancing process for you, including any information you may need on property searches. You may not have even found your dream home yet, but it's always a good idea to be prepared!

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