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Transfer of Equity in Danbury

A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

Homeward Legal's solicitors offer expert legal assistance with your transfer of equity.

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Conveyancing in Danbury Q & A's

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Updated: 22/10/16

Useful local public service facts ;

London, Southend Airport is 11 miles from Danbury. London Airport is 12 miles, Clacton Airport is 25 miles and Stansted Airport is 19 miles away. The closest station to Danbury is Hatfield Peverel, about 4 miles away.

St Peters Maldon is a relatively close hospital.


What will the overall charge be on the sale of a £398,000 home? I am looking for a fixed rate conveyancing estimate in Danbury.


Confusion over this issue catches out many buyers and sellers, and can leave them paying far more in conveyancing fees than they budgeted. Many property lawyers advertise 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes', however additional fees are frequently hidden in the small print, left unregarded by busy buyers and sellers Additional fees needs to be fair and clearly defined. Applicable disbursements should also be clearly stated on the conveyancing quote based on the property you intend to buy, our online quote calculator will generate an accurate statement of conveyancing fees.


Apparently, strontium soil contamination may be an issue in Danbury. Can you advise?


There are considerable regulations in order to manage soil contamination. Land may also be contaminated by other sources, including fertilisers.


Is it advisable that I get a chancel search? I am buying a Danbury home on the same street as priory land.

Chancel repair can require some residential property owners to fund repairs to church property in the locality. Insurance may be available to protect a buyer should a Danbury Parochial Church Council enforce liability. Church of England properties in this area where chancel liability may apply include Parish Church of St John Baptist.


The Woolwich will be our lender, what do we need to be aware of?


Traditionally, most solicitors could act for the majority lenders. Recently, a number of lenders have limited the firms who can act for them. For purchasers, this can result in significantly greater legal costs. Homeward Legal, though, will act on behalf of all large UK mortgage lenders, keeping buyers' legal costs to a minimum.


When in the conveyancing process do I need to instruct a conveyancer?


In simple terms, the sooner the better, as there are several tasks which may be performed straight away. Prompt instruction of a firm to act for you on your Danbury transaction could mitigate the chance of your purchase or sale stalling.


What would the cost of searches total?


The cost of Danbury searches can vary significantly. Conveyancing searches are will be charged at cost.


Should we be worried about 'fixtures and fittings'?


Property buyers are often frustrated by confusion regarding which fixtures and fittings will be included. Completion or agreement of a fixtures and fittings form is unfortunately often left to the last minute, when a dispute may jeopordise the transaction. This makes the completion of a fixtures and fittings form essential.


Do we need to opt for the property lawyer that usually works with by my estate agent?


Many agents in Melbourne have referral deals with solicitors whereby they refer work to them. However, if they are paid a referral fee, it may be the case that the agent recommends the conveyancer who pays out the highest referral fee, not the most suitable for you.