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Transfer of Equity in Redland

A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Redland Q & A's

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Updated: 19/10/16

Local travel information:

Redland is very close at a mile and a half of the M32 Junction 3 Northbound.

Redland's nearest station is Clifton Down. Redland's closest airport is Bristol Airport.


Local Redland attractions


Westbury College Gatehouse National Trust Bristol St Paul Churches Conservation Trust and Bristol St John the Baptist Churches Conservation Trust are easily accessible from Redland.

The nearest hospital is Bristol, Redland Hill.


What are the best conveyancing rates for a £186,000 property?


This issue catches out many sellers and buyers, and can leave them paying far more in fees than they budgeted. Many conveyancers offer theoretically cheap conveyancing. However extra fees are frequently hidden in the terms, left unregarded by busy sellers and buyers Additional costs which are listed in your solicitor's terms should be clearly defined. We offer quotes, not estimates, and clearly state all legal fees you pay for a standard conveyancing transaction.


How can I protect the purchase from gazumping?


Gazumping happens when a property owner accepts an offer, only to reject it, opting for a better offer. Though gazumping is uncommon when property prices are falling, there is still a risk. You should instruct an efficient solicitor as soon as you can to reduce the chance of gazumping.


For fast conveyancing to buy a £ 319,000 property, what can we do to speed up the transaction?


It is a truism that contacting a communicative property lawyer is the key to fast Redland conveyancing. There are, in addition, numerous things you as the buyer could do to speed up the legal work. These include:

  • quickly answering your property lawyer's questions
  • organising your finances
  • encouraging your property lawyer to carry out searches promptly
  • Q.

    How do you determine stamp duty, what should it be on a £613000 property?


    The Stamp Duty you pay will rely on the value of the house or flat. It will be £24520 on a £613000 property.*

    *Correct 01/01/2013


    We plan to purchase a home in the parish of Mickleton. Will it be necessary to get a chancel search?


    Whether you are buying a building in Redland or elsewhere in the county, the solicitor is likely to recommend that a chancel search be ordered. In Redland's much older areas, chancel repair has the potential to be imposed on new owners of a building where Parochial Church Councils have not imposed the same liability on the last owners. For property in the parish of Mickleton, it is not safe to rely on the historical behaviour of the parish council alone as a guide.


    Does my assigned conveyancing solicitor in Redland report back to me about the cost of council tax for a Band H flat prior to exchange?


    A lawyer will approach the relevant Bristol local authority to enquire about the latest council tax rates, which will then be detailed in the conveyancer's title report. Correct charges for Redland are set out in detail at the Bristol local authority site. At the time of writing (22 August 2012) rates are:

    • Band A - £1,047.00
    • Band B - £1,221.00
    • Band C - £1,395.00
    • Band D - £1,570.00
    • Band E - £1,919.00
    • Band F - £2,267.00
    • Band G - £2,616.00
    • Band H - £3,140.00


    I am buying in Redland. Can I establish whether the property is in a conservation area?


    With 9300 conservation areas throughout the country, the areas located near Redland will include numerous areas of 'special architectural and historic interest' designated as protected. Your lawyer will advise further, in regard to relevant conservation area restrictions in Redland.


    My estate agent has referred the conveyancing solicitor. Will it be cheaper to instruct this firm?


    Estate agent recommendations are a commonplace way to find a solicitor. These referrals must be carefully considered, as there is a risk that an agent may choose the conveyancer who pays out the highest referral fee, not the best value for you.