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Transfer of Equity in Swaffham

A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

Homeward Legal's solicitors offer expert legal assistance with your transfer of equity.

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Conveyancing in Swaffham Q & A's

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Updated: 22/10/16

Swaffham's closest airport is Norwich International Airport. The closest station to Swaffham is Brandon, around 14 miles away.

Swaffham Community is the closest hospital.


I need an affordable conveyancing quote. What do we need to check for?


Many solicitors offer so-called 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes', but additional costs are frequently hidden in the terms. Busy, stressed buyers and sellers ignore these terms at their peril. Any extra fees found in terms of engagement needs to be fair and clearly defined. Any disbursements ought to be defined on a Swaffham conveyancing quote


Which local authority is responsible for Swaffham?


Swaffham is located in Breckland District Council, Elizabeth House, Walpole Loke, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1EE, contact: 01362 656 870


Which factors will affect land in Swaffham, and should they be a problem?


Land may be contaminated by a broad range of natural causes, and an environmental search will confirm if a property may be impacted by contaminants in Swaffham including a proximate telecommunications base station and sand or clay quarries.


In respect to the fact that 2 8m people are at risk from surface flooding I am wondering whether environmental searches might not be sufficient?


Conveyancing and environmental searches applied for by the Swaffham conveyancing solicitor will also include a more informative Landmark flood search if the risk is deemed significant.

If you remain still apprehensive you can always get in touch with a neighbour or local resident or local Norfolk flood repair expert e.g. Evergreen Building Ltd, Claypit Farm/Chapel Rd, Necton, Swaffham, PE37 8JA Tel: 01760 441106.


The property seller has unfortunately fitted incongruous dormer windows to the maisonette in Swaffham which may exclude conservation area guidelines


Your conveyancing solicitor will make enquiries to establish if the property is within a designated conservation area and whether any modifications have the appropriate consent from the Breckland council. In the event that no local authority consents be supplied your conveyancing solicitor will give you professional advice on the best alternative for example purchasing an indemnity policy or seeking retrospective consent from the council.


How can we calculate stamp duty rates in Swaffham, what should we pay on a £625000 residential property?


Stamp Duty is calculated with reference to a small number of factors, most importantly the purchase price. Stamp duty will be £25000 on a £625000 property.*

*Correct October 2012


Should the house's fixtures and fittings include things like the fridge?


Commonly, fixtures are permanently fixed to walls, floors or ceilings, whereas fixtures are free-standing. The assumptions held by the parties may vary; this can make the clarification of any difference of opinion so important.


Will the legal charges hide any additional fees?


Our solicitors never charge any extra, hidden fees to transfer a property. Know that some websites offer unrealistically low 'quotes' which are in fact estimates, meaning that you could pay much more when you complete.