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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Fairford Q & A's

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Updated: 23/10/16

Read about the area ;

Fairford's nearest airport is Gloucester Airport (20 miles). Kidlington Airport is 22 miles and away. Fairford's nearest station is Kemble.

Fairford is a nearby hospital to Fairford.


How do I find the best conveyancing rates in Fairford for a £106k residence?


Many online and high street property lawyers advertise 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes'. Unfortunately additional charges are frequently hidden in the terms and conditions. Any additional charges should be fair and clearly defined. They only apply to matters if your conveyancer must complete additional work in your interest, which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. The disbursements to be paid must also be stated on your quote. Homeward Legal quotes are not estimates, and offer a clear statement of your legal fees for a standard conveyancing transaction.


If my family are buying in Fairford, do I need to get a chancel liability search?


Potentially amounting to over £100,000 in repair cost obligations, chancel liability should be considered by buyers of Fairford property likely to be affected. Liability has the potential to impact the value of a Fairford property, but an indemnity policy may be available to protect the new owners. Your solicitor will suggest an appropriate indemnity policy to address chancel liability. Fairford churches include St Mary the Virgin.


We are buying on a ex-industrial site. Is the soil likely to be contaminated?


There are extensive regulations imposed to limit soil contamination. The local authority for Fairford will be able to provide more detail on cases of contamination.


In 1 month we are hoping to be moving out of our semi detached home just outside Fairford into our new home in Dymock . At what point to appoint a removals firm?

Your solicitor would usually advocate that home vendors put off until the point where exchange of contracts because usually an absolute home moving date will not have been decided. Often removals firms add an additional a late cancellation fee . For more information try Barnes, 59 Aldsworth Clo, Fairford, GL7 4LB on 01285 712634.


What type of searches in relation to the risk of possible flooding around Gloucestershire will my property solicitor in Fairford be able to do for a Victorian home I am intending to purchase?


A solicitor conducts official property environmental searches that should include Fairford flood risk area data.


I am intending to buy a chapel in Sutton under Brailes. Is a chancel search appropriate?


Your lawyer might recommend a chancel search, regardless of the parish in which the house being purchased is located. Through some Parochial Church Councils have exercised their right to exact chancel repairs on the current owners of land subject to chancel liability, there is no guarantee that a parish in which lay rectors have not been expected to pay chancel repair dues recently will not continue to be so.


What will the council tax cost for a new build Band E flat in Fairford?


Your band should conventionally be highlighted in the conveyancer's title report along with the governing local authority

Correct charges for properties in Fairford are listed at the Vale of White Horse council site. As at, 05 December 2012, the rates are:

  • Band A - £995.00
  • Band B - £1,161.00
  • Band C - £1,327.00
  • Band D - £1,493.00
  • Band E - £1,825.00
  • Band F - £2,157.00
  • Band G - £2,488.00
  • Band H - £2,986.00


Where do I go about identify whether the conservation area is neglected?


Conservation areas in Fairford are nominated by the local authority (Vale of White Horse) who police conservation area concerns from including things like new developments, removal of chimney stacks and street furniture.

Following a campaign, English Heritage have conducted a survey and created records of the state of conservation areas.