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Transfer of Equity in Hambleton

A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

Homeward Legal's solicitors offer expert legal assistance with your transfer of equity.

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Homeward Legal's panel of solicitors carry out remortgage conveyancing for Hambleton clients every week.

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Conveyancing in Hambleton Q & A's

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Updated: 21/10/16

Commuting from the Hambleton area? ;

Hambleton's nearest airport is Tollerton, Nottingham City Airport. and the nearest station to Hambleton is Oakham, around 3 miles away.

The closest hospital to Hambleton is Rutland Memorial.


What do you charge for the legal fees on a £739,000 house? We are trying to find a fixed rate conveyancing estimate.


This matter catches out many home owners, and can leave them paying far more in fees than they budgeted, and many property lawyers offer 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes', but extra fees are often hiding in the terms of engagement. These terms are often ignored by excited home owners, eager to get underway. Any fees found in the terms should be reasonable.


Our purchase will complete on 12th June. What will be calculated for stamp duty tax?


The Stamp Duty due is dependent on the value of the home. On a £728000 home, stamp duty will be £29120.


The home in Hambleton being purchased is on a former industrial site. Could the soil be contaminated by industrial waste?


Metal contamination may have occurred throughout Hambleton, but where substances causing significant pollution of surface waters or groundwater are found the land will be defined as 'contaminated'. Data on many contaminants, such as groundwater contamination, will be included in an environmental search.


If I am purchasing in the parish of Wyresdale, are we advised to get a chancel search?


A solicitor could advise that a chancel search is taken out, irrespective of the parish where the residence being bought is located. Through some church councils have decided to charge chancel repairs on the owners, it cannot be guaranteed that a parish where chancel repair fees have not been paid previously will continue to be free from liability. For property in the parish of Wyresdale, it is not safe to rely on the historical behaviour of the parish council alone as a guide.


Do we need a home buyers survey?


It is strongly suggested that you instruct a RICS surveyor. A range concerns can affect a property. These can include corrosion of pipework, and issues such as these are not likely to be investigated as part of the conveyancing itself.


What is gazumping?


Gazumping arises when a owner agrees to an offer and later rejects it. Instead, they then go for a better offer. It may happen weeks into a purchase. Although being gazumped is less common in a declining market, there will always be a risk. Instructing a law firm early, and even before acceptance of an offer to handle your transaction should help to reduce the likelihood of gazumping.


Which local authority looks after Hambleton?


Hambleton is located in South Kesteven District Council, Council Offices, St Peters Hill, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6PZ, phone: 01476 406 080


The internet has an abundance of online resources all about do it yourself conveyancing. Do we need to instruct a solicitor in Hambleton ?


Should you want to endeavour to do so you can practically engage in the greater part of the if not all of the conveyancing without external help from a qualified Hambleton solicitor .

Of course firms and their solicitors would argue that this is a risky approach as DIY conveyancers will not be covered by applicable cover which qualified legal firms are legally obligated to carry.