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Transfer of Equity in Oldbury

A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

Homeward Legal's solicitors offer expert legal assistance with your transfer of equity.

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Conveyancing in Oldbury Q & A's

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Updated: 20/10/16

Local key data:

Wolverhampton Business Airport Airport is 10 miles from Oldbury. Birmingham Airport is 13 miles, Coventry Airport is 25 miles and away. The closest train station to Oldbury is Sandwell and Dudley.

Oldbury is close at under 1m of the M5 junction entry 2 Northbound.

The nearest hospital for Oldbury is Edward Street West Bromwich.


How do I get the best conveyancing rates in Oldbury for a £258,000 residence?


Various firms promote supposedly 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes'. Unfortunately additional costs are frequently hidden in the terms of engagement. These terms are often ignored by excited buyers, eager to get underway. The disbursements to be paid should be included on a Oldbury conveyancing quote Any extra fees listed in terms of engagement ought to be fair. Our quotes offer a clear statement of your solicitors fees for a standard purchase or sale.


I am buying a rectory in the parish of Barton in Fabis. Will a chancel search be required?


The Oldbury conveyancing solicitor could advise that a chancel search is taken out, whichever parish where the building being bought is found. Chancel repair can be imposed on new owners of a building where church councils may have spared previous owners or tenants. Even if liability is unlikely, indemnity insurance is a sensible precaution.


Myself and my partner are buying in Oldbury. How can we verify that the building is in a conservation area?


There are several conservation areas located near Oldbury. Conservation areas in Oldbury include Church Square. You may wish to contact the local council if you have specific questions, but your solicitor will investigate this in detail.


How many weeks will conveyancing need, in your experience? If it matters, we are purchasing a flat in Oldbury.


Generally speaking, the length of time required to transact property does vary. This wide range results from a number of issues which may include when a third party is slow to respond. Nationwide, the average is around ten weeks, we however aim for faster conveyancing, driving the transaction to complete within 6 to 8 weeks.


Which local factors can contaminate land in Oldbury, and will they be checked for thoroughly?


Many of contaminants caused by naturally-occurring factors can impact residential property in Oldbury . Contaminants including environmental radon sources will be detailed in an appropriate search.


Why could the purchase conveyancing process take such a long time? Isn't it just filling out forms?


The conveyancing process will occasionally be held up. We understand how frustrating these are and do our best to reduce the impact of these delays where viable by using fast search providers. Common delays include the length of time it takes for the managing agent or landlord to respond to queries.


Would it be foolish to carry out the conveyancing on a DIY basis on our own.


Technically there are no reasons why a buyer cannot conduct bulk of the your own conveyancing unaided. The truth is however that a conveyancing solicitor is in charge of a significant number of roles from e.g. understanding the practical side of the process or interpreting management accounts many of which are better done by someone with adequate training.


When in the conveyancing process is it appropriate to instruct a conveyancing solicitor to handle our purchase?


The short answer is, instructing as early as possible is better. The legal work can then commence immediately. Instructing a firm early for a sale allows relevant information can be sourced sooner (this is particularly true for leasehold properties), whereas if you are buying you will the details of your Oldbury solicitor ready when you make an offer.