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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

Homeward Legal's solicitors offer expert legal assistance with your transfer of equity.

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Conveyancing in Shotton Q & A's

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Updated: 26/10/16

Shotton points of interest

Gt Saughall Cheshire Windmill, Ewloe Castle Cadw and Flint Castle Cadw are situated in Shotton.

Shotton's nearest airport is Howarden Airport. Liverpool John Lennon Airport is 12 miles and away. The nearest train station to Shotton is Shotton, around 1 mile away.

The neighbouring hospital for Shotton is Deeside Community.


We are trying to find a solicitors firm that offers cheap conveyancing in Shotton. What do we need to consider?


Various firms advertise theoretically 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes', but extra charges may be added into the terms which unwary homeowners fail to check. Any disbursements to be paid should also be included on any quote for conveyancing in Shotton


How much would fees for my searches total?


The cost of conveyancing searches can vary appreciably, subject to which searches have been ordered.


May charges for the conveyancing conceal any additional charges?


No. Homeward Legal's solicitors do not charge any additional costs to transfer a property. Know that some conveyancers give 'quotes' which are in fact estimates. You may face a much greater total fee when you have completed.


If we plan to buy near Shotton, in the parish of Flint, do we need a chancel search?


A solicitor may suggest that a chancel search is ordered. Although some Parochial Church Councils have exercised their right to charge chancel repairs on the current owners of land subject to chancel liability, it cannot

be guaranteed that a parish where repair costs have not been paid before, that this will not continue to be so.


As a result of the serious river flooding in Wales I am asking whether conveyancing and environmental searches aren't sufficient?


An experienced Shotton conveyancer will advise you to also get property conveyancing searches (Landmark search) if the standard searches identifies any kind of Shotton flood risk.

It may be sensible to speak to a local resident for additional local history.


If I buy a book about the conveyancing process when buying and selling a flat. Might it be a good idea to take care of the conveyancing on a DIY basis without any help?


There are no arguments why you cannot handle the your own conveyancing on your own. That said, a Shotton lawyer carries out a large number of activities such as applying for and interpreting office copies and checking the lease which are more safely handled with appropriate a qualified solicitor. Moreover solicitors are required to carry the correct professional indemnity insurance in order to protect you from any professional errors.


How many weeks should the legal work to sell a home take? The property is also local.


The amount of time needed to buy or sell a residence can vary. This is dependent on potentially many considerations, for example, if there is a mortgage. Nationally, the average is up to twelve weeks, whereas our solicitors deliver results within six weeks, if possible.


What conservation areas are there in Shotton?


Parts of Shotton considered be of 'special architectural and historic interest', like picturesque villages, may be recognised as conservation areas. You may wish to contact the local council for more detail, but your solicitor will investigate this in detail during the property transaction.