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Transfer of Equity in Stockbridge

A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

Homeward Legal's solicitors offer expert legal assistance with your transfer of equity.

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Homeward Legal's panel of solicitors carry out remortgage conveyancing for Stockbridge clients every week.

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Conveyancing in Stockbridge Q & A's

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Updated: 23/10/16

Stockbridge's nearest train station is Dunbridge at 6 miles. The closest airport to Stockbridge is Southampton, Mitchell Way Airport (13 miles).

Andover War Memorial is the most convenient hospital.


On the purchase of a £534,000 house, what will be the fees? I am looking for affordable conveyancing in Stockbridge.


Confusion over this issue catches out many buyers, and can leave them paying far more in fees than they budgeted, and many firms claim to offer cheap conveyancing quotes. However extra fees may pad your final bill. We provide quotes, not estimates, and clearly state the fees for a standard conveyancing.


When in the conveyancing process is it appropriate to speak to a conveyancer?


Simply, the sooner you instruct a conveyancing solicitor, the better. Instructing your solicitor sooner can limit the risk of the sale or purchase aborting.


We are buying a house in Christchurch. Is a chancel search required?


The Stockbridge conveyancing solicitor is likely to recommend a chancel search. In Stockbridge's much older areas, chancel repair may be apportioned on new owners of a house where parish councils have previously chosen not to do so, so it can be difficult to use this as a guide.


For a home valued at £947000. What will be determined for stamp duty?

Stamp Duty in Stockbridge is dependent on the purchase price of the house or flat. For a house or flat sold for £947000, the rate will be £37880.*

*Accurate as of September 2012


An unpredictable event mean we must to get a move on and exchange on the legal work on our co-owned property very quickly, do you have fast Stockbridge conveyancing solicitors ?


Regularly property solicitors firms may be lackadaisical which brings huge stress to the house moving process.

With Homeward Legal, company will communicate to the whole property chain and implement state of the art document and form assembly systems to complete on your move quickly.


I am bidding at a property auction and would like ensure fast conveyancing, what do we need to ensure?


The key to a fast transaction is to employing a communicative conveyancer. There are, in addition, a range of things you as the purchaser can do, such as, calling or emailing the conveyancer, and chase them if you suspect any delays, answering any queries raised by your conveyancer as soon as possible and arranging your mortgage offer.


When I am buying in Stockbridge, is it necessary to get a chancel search?


Chancel liability repair costs can run into £100,000s, which owners of affected property will be compelled to pay on demand to the Stockbridge Church council. Following a change in the law, interest over any affected land must be registered by October 2013. Stockbridge church properties where chancel liability may apply include Old St Peter and St Peter.


Is topsoil in Stockbridge contaminated by aluminium?


There are extensive regulations imposed in order to limit topsoil contamination. Also considering issues such as water contaminants such as detergents and ammonia, contaminants affecting Stockbridge property will be factored into an environmental search.