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Conveyancing In Birmingham Q & A's

Are there services who remediate contaminated top soil in Birmingham?

Remediation can often be possible but it usually costs quite a lot. Speak to the local authority, or a local firm such as Birmingham Lawn Co, 66 Moor La, Birmingham, B6 7AB, 0121 270 5925, for additional information.

Is copper top-soil contamination an issue in Birmingham?

Birmingham is known for the potential of having soil contamination by industrial waste like metals. Other issues such as hazardous gases and groundwater contaminants including organic compounds are among the contaminants affecting Birmingham property. These issues will be factored into an Environmental Search.

Why might the sale conveyancing process require so much time and effort?

The legal work involved in buying or selling Birmingham property can be drawn out, Homeward Legal, however, do our best to reduce the cost of these delays by chasing for prompt responses.

Will a property in Sparkbrook, Birmingham be eligible for disadvantaged area Stamp Duty relief?

As of the 2013/14 tax year in April, Stamp Duty

tax relief for disadvantaged areas is no longer available. This means that any property costing more than £125,000 will have a Stamp Duty bill added on.

In respect of the past flooding in the Midlands, I am wondering if property conveyancing searches are enough? I don’t want to purchase a property that has a high risk of flooding.

Environmental Searches carried out by your conveyancing solicitor in Birmingham can include the far more rigorous Flood Search if required.

We recommend this Flood Search if your new property is located in a high flood risk area, or if you’re particularly worried about the possibility of flooding.

Sometimes home buyers will get in touch with a future neighbour for additional confidence, or contact a nearby Birmingham flood damage business - try Dri Tech, 42 Old Farm Road, Birmingham, B33 9HJ, Tel: 0121-783 1184.

How can we protect against getting gazumped?

Gazumping arises when a house seller accepts the 1st purchaser's offer and then dismisses it, opting for a second purchaser's offer. This may happen weeks into a transaction. Because acceptance of an offer is not binding on the seller until exchange of contracts, there is a risk of gazumping. You should instruct your property solicitor as soon as you can to reduce the chance of gazumping.

What individual search enquiries should a conveyancer in Birmingham get for a Birmingham house?

The standard legal protocol is to obtain Local Authority (personal or official), Drainage and Water Search (CON29DW or personal), Environment Search and Limestone Search and occasionally specific local Birmingham searches such as Planning Search.