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Conveyancing in Brentwood Q & A's

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Updated: 10/10/17

Transport and public service information if you’re buying or selling residential property in Brentwood -

By road: Brentwood is served by the M25, A12 and A128. By rail: The nearest train station is Brentwood. By air: Brentwood is closest to these seven airports: Southend Airport (20 miles), London City Airport (26), London Biggin Hill Airport (30), London Heliport (34), London Luton Airport (45), and London Gatwick Airport (47).

Hospital: Brentwood Community, Crescent Drive, Brentwood, CM15 8DR. Council: Brentwood Borough (

Attractions: Old MacDonald’s Farm, Warley Place Nature Reserve, Shenfield Common, Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, and Weald Country Park.


When do we need to get a conveyancer involved in selling our property in Brentwood?

If you choose a solicitor with 'no move, no fee' protection, the earlier you appoint them, the better, as there are a number of tasks which may be carried out immediately. Early instruction of a solicitor to act on your Brentwood sale can significantly reduce the likelihood of the transaction stalling. Try Homeward Legal’s quote calculator, or call our team of conveyancing experts on 0800 038 6699 to obtain your fixed-fee quote backed up with our ‘No Move, No Fee’ guarantee.


Which mortgage-lenders in Brentwood do you work with?

Of the many lenders with branches in Brentwood, Homeward Legal works with the majority, so we are able to represent their legal needs without them passing on their costs to you. Lenders and mortgage specialists in Brentwood include:

  • Mortgage Business, 14 St. Thomas Road, Brentwood, CM14 4DB
  • Linden Rooke, 105 High Street, Brentwood, CM14 4RR
  • JMS Financial Services, Mainard, Alexander Lane, Shenfield, Brentwood, CM15 8QE

What will the searches for our house on the outskirts of Brentwood cost?

Searches range in cost, and this amount is subject to the types of searches that your mortgage-lender requires. Searches are paid to a third party, passed on to you at cost, and are not included in a quote for solicitor's fees. Homeward Legal’s quotes make the distinction between solicitors’ fees and disbursements (such as searches) very clear. Try our online quote calculator or call our experts on 0800 038 6699 for your fixed-fee quote.


Environmental searches are all well and good but, in light of recent climatic events (e.g. the catastrophic flooding in the UK in April 2012), are they thorough enough to advise us about the changing flood-risk in the Brentwood area?

Standard conveyancing searches carried out by a property solicitor will include an environment search, which will assess the level of the risk of flooding at your property and its environs. Your solicitor will also include a more specialist search (Landmark) if the risk of flooding warrants it. If you are still nervous, you might try to get in touch with a close neighbour or a nearby Essex flood damage builder, like P J Gibbons Building Services, 26 Bishop’s Hall Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, CM15 9NX (Tel: 01277 201629).


Is a'deed of assignment' a fee or a disbursement?

It may be unclear if a particular cost is a fee or a disbursement. This charge, for example, is a fee not a disbursement, and should be included as part of your quote for solicitors’ fees and not as a separate charge. Any associated disbursement costs will, however, be passed on to you at cost. Homeward Legal’s quotes always make these distinctions clear. Try our online quote calculator.


Will we need a Homebuyer Report for our prospective Brentwood property purchase?

It is highly recommended that all purchasers in Brentwood arrange a surveyor to check out the structural issues. Buyers should be aware that there are a range of defects that can affect a property (including cracked roof tiles and insect infestation). These will not be reported on by a solicitor, and so should be checked out independently.


What is the council tax on a period, detached, Band A house in Doddinghurst near Brentwood?

You should be told about your property's council tax band, and the associated tax rate, as part of the report on title prepared by your conveyancing lawyer. The latest figures are available on Brentwood Borough’s website (see the public service information section at the head of these FAQs for a link). The tax rates for Doddinghurst in the 2016/2017 tax year were:

  • Band A - £1,050.26
  • Band B - £1,225.30
  • Band C - £1,400.34
  • Band D - £1,575.39
  • Band E - £1,925.48
  • Band F - £2,275.56
  • Band G - £2,625.65
  • Band H - £3,150.78

Retrieved on 14 March 2017


What local factors can impact the state of land in Brentwood, and are they going to be an issue if we want to buy a house there?

Several contaminants can damage property, or impact human health, such as environmental radon sources, and proximity to scrapyards or waste management sites. Your property lawyer will initiate an environmental search as part of the standard conveyancing bundle, which will give more information about any existing contamination, or risk from contaminants in the area. This will be added to the solicitor’s report on title.


What length of time will it take our assigned solicitor to complete all of the legal formalities on a flat in an Edwardian home?


Completion can take anywhere between one month and 12 weeks depending on a number of issues such as the speed of the vendors lawyer, or the completeness of the management information. Our conveyancing solicitors are exceptionally focused on communication completing as speedily we can.


When do we need to get a conveyancer in Brentwood?


If you choose a solicitor with 'no move, no fee' protection, the earlier, the better, as there are a number of tasks which may be carried out immediately. Early instruction of a solicitor to act on your Brentwood sale or purchase can reduce the likelihood of the transaction stalling.


We are buying on a brownfield site. Is lithium (Li) soil contamination likely?


There are legislative rules in place to stop future soil contamination. Other sources of contaminated land include groundwater contaminants like hydrocarbons and organohalides.


Will we need to get searches for chancel liability if you are buying a Brentwood residence on the same road as parish land?


The result of a court case between a parish council and owners of neighbouring farmland liable for church repairs confirmed that chancel repair liability could be enforced. A chancel search confirms that such a liability exists. Liability is more common in some parts of the country. The solicitor handling your conveyancing will be able to advise as to whether a chancel search is necessary. Brentwood ecclesiastical properties include Ingrave St Nicholas, St George, St Thomas and Stondon Massey St Peter & St Paul.


Does my Brentwood conveyancing solicitor carry out any property on the Essex forties semi-detached property I am intending to purchase?


Normal procedure will be to obtain Local Authority Search, Drainage and Water Search (CON29DW or personal) and Environment Search as well as any less common searches for instance Official Search of Whole or Part without Priority (OS3).


Will we need a Homebuyer Report for this Brentwood property purchase?


It is highly recommended that all purchasers in Brentwood arrange a surveyor. Buyers should be aware that there are a range of defects that can affect a property. These can include cracked roof tiles and insect infestation. These will not be reported on by a solicitor.


I really need to complete on the conveyancing process on my leasehold apartment inside a month, are Homeward Legal fast Brentwood conveyancing solicitors ?


Homeward Legal has a efficient style to completing the necessary legal work for clients. Our solicitors attempt to communicate end to end throughout the chain buyer and seller chain and implement leading edge online systems to complete on your house move in the shortest time.