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Updated: 18/01/18

Transport and public service information if you’re buying or selling residential property in Broadstairs -

By road: Broadstairs is served by the A254 and A555. By rail: The nearest train station is Broadstairs. By air: Broadstairs is closest to Rochester Airport (46 miles).

Hospital: Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, St. Peter’s Road, Margate, CT9 4AN. Council: Thanet District (

Attractions: Viking Bay, North Foreland Lighthouse, Pierremont Park, Botany Bay, Dickens House Museum, and Crampton Tower Museum.


Are you geared up for moving fast on the conveyancing of residential auction properties in Broadstairs?

In fact, Homeward Legal deals with auctions throughout the UK and frequently take instructions from buyers and sellers. It is a shrewd move for auction-buyers to pick their firm as early as possible to allow enough time for a thorough review of the legal papers prior to the actual auction. Thereafter, your now-prepared lawyer can be fully focused on completing the purchase in a month as conventionally required. For the best and clearest quote, why not try our quote calculator? Or, if you want to talk to one of our specialist auction team members, you could on 0800 038 6699.


I am intending to purchase a property in East Barming, so should we get a chancel search?

Your solicitor could certainly recommend procuring a chancel search. In Broadstairs' much older areas, chancel repair can be imposed on current owners of a property where Parochial Church Councils have not imposed the same liability on the previous owners, so it can be difficult to use this as a guide.


Are there many areas of conservation in Broadstairs?

Buyers in Broadstairs should be aware that there are several local conservation areas. Your solicitor will be able to advise further and discuss the relevant responsibilities, with regards to specific conservation areas in Broadstairs.


Doing one’s own conveyancing in Broadstairs without a property solicitor seems like a good way to reduce costs, but would it be foolhardy?

There is no legal impediment why you shouldn’t engage in the legal and technical conveyancing work without the assistance of an expert solicitor in Broadstairs if you really wanted to. However, a property lawyer typically handles a long list of actions (such as approving completion statements, or reading and interpreting the lease), many of which are better done by someone with training and experience. Even more importantly, DIY-conveyancers will not be covered by the appropriate insurance cover, which qualified legal firms are required to carry by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Our team at Homeward Legal is waiting for your call and to help on 0800 038 6699.


To complete on our freehold residence purchase in Broadstairs as quickly as possible, how can we guarantee fast conveyancing?

As is often stated by Homeward Legal, employing a proactive and diligent solicitor as soon as possible is crucial to fast conveyancing. Beyond that, there are numerous tasks you, as the purchaser, could do, such as:

  • arranging your mortgage offer early
  • keeping in regular contact with the solicitor and applying pressure if you suspect any unnecessary delays
  • completing and returning all forms as soon as possible

Is tenancy agreement vetting a fee or disbursement?

It may not be obvious whether an itemised charge is a fee or a disbursement in most legal practices’ quotes and bills because of

the way they present the charges and the terminology they use. However, this charge is a fee not a disbursement, and should be included in your quote.


Our £759,000 purchase in Broadstairs is completing soon, so what will be calculated for the stamp duty?

The Stamp Duty payable is dependent on the property's value, and is triggered if it is bought for more than £125,000. On a £759,000 house, the stamp duty will be £27,950.


How long should I expect it to take our property solicitor to complete all of the conveyancing work for the top floor of house we want to buy in Broadstairs?

The conveyancing process can take anywhere from three weeks to three months, and it can be hampered by a number of factors such as the speed of the vendor’s lawyer, or the communication with managing agents. Our proactive property lawyers at Homeward Legal are highly focused on communication and completing the process as speedily as realistically possible, with a target of at most six weeks. To discuss your needs and to obtain your free, fixed-fee, ‘No Completion, No Fee’-guaranteed quote, contact our team on 0800 038 6699.


Our purchase is completing in January, what will be calculated for stamp duty?


Stamp Duty in Broadstairs will rely on the valuation. Stamp duty will be £0 on a £85k property.*

*Correct June 2012


Is it necessary that we get a chancel liability search? We are buying a flat conversion on the same street as rectory land in Broadstairs.


Potentially amounting to over £100,000 in repair cost obligations, chancel liability should be considered by buyers of Broadstairs property likely to be affected. A chancel search is used to check that such a liability exists. Your conveyancing solicitor can provide more details. Church of England properties in the area where a chancel search may be appropriate include Holy Trinity.


We need to know which Broadstairs lenders your conveyancing solicitors work with. Whose panels are your solicitors members of?


Homeward Legal are able to work with all the major lenders approved by the CML. A number of mortgage specialists operate in Broadstairs, such as Belmonte, 123 High St, Broadstairs, CT10 1NQ.


In a few weeks I am expecting to move from our period property in Broadstairs into a new house in Birchington , when to select a house removal firm?


Most property lawyers usually suggest that you hold off organising removals until contracts have exchanged because a final date will not have been formalised. Routinely house removals firms might impose a change of date penalty

For a local Kent firm Knights Removals, 25 King Edward Av, Broadstairs, CT10 1PH Call: 01843 860429.


What type of checks as respects the uncertain risk of a flood in Kent will the Broadstairs solicitor do?


An integral part of the legal due diligence process involves a solicitor carrying out environmental searches that give you some details about the potential the local Broadstairs flood risk.


As a result of the fact that last year was second wettest year since 1920 I am apprehensive that property conveyancing searches aren't thorough enough?


Conveyancing and environmental searches conducted by the property lawyer in Broadstairs will include a more specialist flood search if the risk is deemed significant.

If you are concerned you could try to speak to a future neighbour.


To complete on our freehold residence purchase ASAP, can we guarantee fast conveyancing?


As is often reported, fast conveyancing is crucial to is to employing a proactive solicitor. Beyond that, there are numerous tasks you, as the purchaser, could do, such as, asking for property searches to be ordered immediately, promptly answering your solicitor's questions and clarifying your mortgage lender's requirements.