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Conveyancing in Camberley Q & A's

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Updated: 15/07/17

Pertinent regional travel and services facts ;

Drivers are well served with Camberley ideally situated with very convenient road access approximately 1 1/2 mile off the M3 Junction 4 Northbound.

Camberley's nearest station is Camberley and Camberley's nearest airport is Farnborough (TAG London) Airport. Heathrow Terminals 1 2 3 Airport is 16 miles, Heathrow Terminal 5 Airport is 15 miles, Heathrow Terminal 4 Airport is 16 miles, Northolt Jet Centre Airport is 21 mile s, White Waltham Airport is 12 miles, Blackbushe Airport is 5 miles and Booker Airport is 20 miles away.

Frimley Park is the nearest hospital to Camberley.


I need to find the cheapest conveyancing quote. How do I get a quote?


Numerous law firms advertise supposedly cheap conveyancing, but extra fees are frequently hidden in the terms and conditions, left unread by preoccupied buyers and sellers Any extra costs found in the small print ought to be reasonable. They come into force only if the lawyer must perform additional tasks , which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. Our quotes clearly state all legal fees for a standard conveyancing transaction.


Do we need a chancel search if we are intending to purchase in the parish of Burstow, near Camberley?


A Camberley conveyancing solicitor could advise a chancel search. Although some church councils have chosen to exact chancel repairs on current owners of lay rectorships, a solicitor cannot state with certainty that a parish where dues have not recently been paid will not be so in future, so the solicitor will be unable to make any guarantees, and will recommend insurance.


Can you address how to avoid paying stamp duty to the Revenue?

SDLT is usually due on home purchases sold for more than 125,000 pounds. Stamp duty reduction must be treated with caution by purchasers in Camberley, because these schemes are expensive and , if the scheme fails, you may be charged a penalty of up to 100% of the stamp duty amount owed.


What are property searches?


Searches are a prescribed collection of enquiries ordered by the purchaser's solicitor. Purchasers should know that, searches only deal with issues with the property's title.


Is zinc topsoil contamination likely in Camberley?


Restrictions exist in order to manage soil contamination, but some will remain in the environment for decades. Metal contamination of soil in Camberley is more likely to occur near former industrial sites. Data on other contaminants, like industrial storage, will also be included in an environmental search.


Will a Camberley property lawyer conduct personal or official searches on my property purchase?


Your conveyancing solicitor will advise regarding the most appropriate course of action, depending on issues like lender requirements. If personal searches are used a conveyancing solicitor will consider a local search company, for instance, HIPPOS Property Services a trading Division of Vickery & Company Limited, 75-79 Park Street, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3PE Tel: 01276 684657 Fax: 01276 28368


I am purchasing a 1950s investment flat in a designated conservation area in Camberley. How do we locate more data concerning the state of repair?


Conservation areas are created by the local Surrey Heath planning authority, who are responsible for things like the upkeep of public spaces to the prohibition of ugly shop fronts. Following a campaign, English Heritage have assembled a list of the state of conservation areas.


What do we need to calculate stamp duty, how much will it be on a £205000 residence?


The Stamp Duty that will be due will rely on the purchase price. On a £205000 house or flat, stamp duty will be £2050.*

*Accurate June 2012