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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Canterbury Q & A's

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Updated: 14/01/17

Useful regional transport and services facts and figures -

As determined by the 2011 census, the population of Canterbury 482,504 spread over an area of 91,377 hectares (225,797 acres) giving a density of residential population of 5.3 people per hectare (2.1 per acre).


Canterbury attractions


Canterbury Kent Windmill, Canterbury St Augustines Abbey English Heritage and Fordwich St Mary the Virgin Churches Conservation Trustare all around Canterbury.

The closest station to Canterbury is Canterbury West, about a mile away. Canterbury's nearest airport is Manston, Kent International Airport (13 miles). Manston Airport is 13 miles and Lydd Airport is 24 miles away.

The nearest hospital is Kent & Canterbury.


How do I get affordable conveyancing?


Several solicitors advertise so-called 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes'. However extra costs may pad your solicitor's invoice. Any additional costs ought to be fair and clearly defined and only be applied if the solicitor must complete unanticipated additional work , which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. The Homeward Legal quote calculator will confirm the exact legal fees based on the property you are buying.


We want to exchange contracts on the conveyancing on our auctioned leasehold flat within 4 weeks, are you fast Canterbury conveyancers ?


Homeward Legal adopts a very efficient approach to completing the necessary legal work for movers to meet the home sellers needs.

Homeward Legal always allocate you to chosen solicitors who will efficiently communicate through the whole of the buyer and seller chain .

Additionally Homeward Legals conveyancing solicitors are actually chosen because they always use modern land registry integrated and information technology systems to complete your move without hitch.


Which particular property searches conveyancing searches should a Canterbury property lawyer order for a Canterbury property?

Normal legal protocol is to get Local Authority (personal or official), Drainage and Water Search, Environmental and Coal Mining Search and, depending on certain criteria, less common searches such as Land Charges Search (K15).


What average time should it take for the conveyancing solicitor to finish all of the conveyancing work for a semi detached Victorian home we want to buy?


The process can take anywhere between a month and three months depending on a number of issues for example the speed of the seller's conveyancer, or the speed of other lawyers in the chain.

Our highly conveyancers are very proactive with the goal of you moving home as quickly as possible.


How can the conveyancing process in Canterbury have so many delays?


The conveyancing process in Canterbury may be lengthy even in the best of circumstances. Some causes are unhappily out of the solicitor's hands, Homeward Legal, however, appreciate how difficult it can be to face these and endeavour to minimise the effect of these delays by using fast search providers.


Is soil in Canterbury contaminated by uranium (U)?


Restrictions exist in order to limit topsoil contamination, decades after exposure the effect of some contaminants can be felt. Various bodies hold data on land contaminants affecting Canterbury, including local authorities.


Which environmental factors can affect land in Canterbury, and should they be a concern?


Land is contaminated by a broad range of environmental factors, like proposed erection of mobile masts or proximity to waste sites. An environmental search should offer more information. Contamination can be caused by local waste sites, including Broad Oak Road, CT2 0PR.


When you are buying in Canterbury, is it necessary that we get a search for chancel liability?


The Law Lords decision in a landmark case 10 years ago reaffirmed that 'lay rectors' of property must cover the cost of church repairs. A chancel search is used to confirm whether such a liability exists. The solicitor performing your conveyancing will be able to advise as to whether a chancel search is necessary. Churches in the local area include St Mary Bredin, St Stephen, St Paul (without the walls) and Cathedral.