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Conveyancing In Colchester Q & A's

Which areas of Colchester are eligible for disadvantaged area relief?

Disadvantaged areas are identified by local ward. Disadvantaged areas in Colchester include St. Andrew's. Update: As of the 2013/14 tax year, stamp duty relief for disadvantaged areas is no longer available.

Should I get my short lease extended before selling?

Buyers are becoming increasingly wary of buying leaseholds with less than 90 years to run because, first, the cost of increasing a leasehold is becoming far more expensive, and, second, mortgage companies are becoming increasingly reticent to lend money to buy leases that have dropped below the 80-year mark (indeed, this will be one of the criteria that they set to ensure their investment is protected).

As a result, buyers will often insist that the leasehold be extended back up to the 99-year or 125-year typical thresholds before going ahead and buying it. So, as the current leaseholder, you will almost certainly be expected to do the legal work required to extend the lease to a level that buyers will be happy with.

The vendor appears to have installed roof aerials to the maisonette which may breach the Distillery Pond conservation area guidelines.

The lawyer will always ascertain whether the property is inside a conservation area, and if so, whether any alterations have requisite permissions from the local planning authority.

For a home valued at £589000, how is stamp duty tax assessed?

The Stamp Duty rate due depends on the property's price. For a house or flat purchased for £589000, stamp duty will be £23560.

Will a local lawyer in Colchester get personal or official searches on my home purchase?

The property lawyer will brief you about the ideal route, depending on issues like mortgage lender requirements. For personal searches, the conveyancing solicitor may consider a local search company such as Index Property Information Limited, 1 & 2 Langham Barns, Langham Lane, Langham, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5ZS Tel: 01206 273423 Fax: 01206 273420

What can impact land in Colchester, and should they be a problem?

Residential property may be contaminated by several natural and human-influenced issues, and an environmental search should reveal if a plot of land may be affected by Colchester contaminants such as limestone or gypsum quarrying. Contamination can be caused by Colchester waste sites, including Bell House, Warren Lane, Essex, CO3 5NN.

If a contaminated plot is found in an Colchester environmental search, can the soil be remedied?

If property in Colchester has been contaminated, remediation is possible is some cases, and a local provider like Oakley Turf Farms, Burrs Farm/Station Rd, Frating, Colchester, CO7 7HH can provide more information.