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    You will not be charged any solicitors fees, if for any reason your transaction does not complete.
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    With local experience, our solicitors will lead you through the whole of your sale or purchase.
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Conveyancing In Creigiau Q & A's

I am anxious about the council tax charges on a Fifties detached home in Creigiau, what are they?

Usually a conveyancer's title report will supply the relevant Cardiff council tax band.

Correct rates for Creigiau are set out on the Cardiff council site. On 12 June 2012 the different rates are:

  • Band A - £738.47
  • Band B - £861.55
  • Band C - £984.63
  • Band D - £1,107.71
  • Band E - £1,353.87
  • Band F - £1,600.03
  • Band G - £1,846.18
  • Band H - £2,215.42

How much would my conveyancing searches generally cost?

The cost of searches in Creigiau varies markedly, and will be dependent on your lender's requirements. Commonly ordered searches include a local authority search.

What can a Creigiau property solicitor advise if the building I hope to buy is located in a Cardiff conservation area which has unsuitable new windows fitted to it?

Local authority enquiries carried out by the solicitor during the legal process should find out whether the property is inside a designated conservation area and evidence of the appropriate permissions for modifications will be required.

In the absence of any the necessary permissions, your solicitor will inform you of all options, which include obtaining from the planning authority or buying an indemnity policy.

Is it important that we get a chancel search if my family are buying close by parish grounds in Creigiau?

Owners of property near to local churches must contribute towards repairs, where chancel repair liability exists. Several sources are used to determine liability in Creigiau, including tithe documents.

Which of the mortgage lender panels in Creigiau are your solicitors on?

Of lenders with offices in Creigiau, we closely with many. Local mortgage lenders and brokers include 4 sight 4 Finance, 2 Pant Yr Wyn, Cardiff, CF23 5HS, Fahey Peter J Associates, 2 Station Terr, Caerphilly, CF83 1HD, and A G Services, 26-28 Dalcross St, Cardiff, CF24 4SD. The solicitor handling your conveyancing transaction should be able to provide more information.

Would it be a good idea to carry out the DIY conveyancing on our own.

In theory there is no argument why you cannot complete the conveyancing on your own.

That said, a conveyancing solicitor in Creigiau handles a large array of functions such as approving contract or apportioning service charges many of which require a skilled professional.

AT any rate firms and their solicitors are duty bound to have insurance that ultimately protects you in the event of any oversights on the part of the solicitor.