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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Deanshanger Q & A's

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Updated: 16/01/17

Deanshanger points of interest

New Bradwell Bucks Windmill, Furtho St Bartholomew Churches Conservation Trust and Thornton St Michael & All Angels Churches Conservation Trust are in Deanshanger.

Deanshanger's nearest station is Milton Keynes Central at 5 miles and Turweston Aerodrome Airport is 9 miles from Deanshanger. Kidlington Airport is 24 miles away.

The closest hospital to Deanshanger is Buckingham.


What are the best rates for conveyancing for a £406,000 property?


Various law firms promote so-called cheap conveyancing, but extra fees will be included in the small print. These terms are often ignored by excited buyers, eager to get underway. Any extra fees which are listed in the terms should be reasonable and clear and come into force only if your solicitor must complete additional work for you, which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. Applicable disbursements should be included on your quote. Get a quote using the Homeward Legal quote calculator for the property you are buying.


Could Deanshanger top-soil be contaminated by manganese?


Soil contamination by industrial waste, including metals, will have occurred in parts of Deanshanger. Data on many contaminants, such as water contaminants such as household chemicals, will be included in an environmental search.


Why does conveyancing require months? We had a rather slow firm the last time we moved.


The conveyancing process may endure stressful setbacks even in the best of circumstances. Some causes are out of the conveyancing solicitor's hands. We seek to minimise their effect wherever possible by driving the sale or purchase forward. Delays may include problems with arranging a mortgage.


Deanshanger conveyancing solicitors do a number of searches when acting for a property purchaser, what actual ones?


When you are obtaining a mortgage the mortgage lender requires you to particular searches, including the following Local Authority (personal or official), Drainage and Water Search (CON29DW) and Environmental, and occasionally area-specific searches, which might include Cheshire Brine Search.


Do you have low cost solicitors that handle the conveyancing of property auction properties in Deanshanger?


Homeward Legal is accustomed to working with auction buyers and sellers. Homeward Legal invariably advocate bidders to instruct a CQS conveyancing lawyer well in advance of the date of the auction to allow time for a title report of the auction legal papers.

Following the actual auction your lawyer is totally prepared for finishing the conveyancing in a month as conventionally required .


We are purchasing a £1.142mil Deanshanger residence. What will be assessed for stamp duty?


The Stamp Duty you must pay is dependent on the valuation. For a residential property bought for £1.142mil, SDLT will be £57100.*

*Accurate 01/01/2013


Will it be necessary to get a chancel search if I plan to buy in the parish of Weedon Bec?


The conveyancing lawyer should confirm that a chancel search be ordered, irrespective of the parish in which the residence being purchased is located. In Deanshanger's much older areas, chancel repair may be apportioned on the owners of a residence where Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) may have spared previous owners or tenants, so the solicitor will be unable to make any guarantees, and will recommend insurance.


What is the council tax on a Sixties semi-detached Band A home in Deanshanger?


You should be supply the property's council tax band with the conveyancing report on title.

Correct charges for Deanshanger are tabled at the South Northamptonshire local authority site. As at (22 September 2012) rates are as follows:

  • Band A - £968.00
  • Band B - £1,130.00
  • Band C - £1,291.00
  • Band D - £1,453.00
  • Band E - £1,775.00
  • Band F - £2,098.00
  • Band G - £2,421.00
  • Band H - £2,905.00