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Conveyancing in Didsbury Q & A's

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Updated: 30/06/18

Transport and public service information if you’re buying or selling residential property in Didsbury

By road: Didsbury is served by the M60, A5103 and A5145.

By rail: The nearest train station is East Didsbury.

By air: From Didsbury, the nearest airports are Manchester Airport (6 miles), Liverpool John Lennon Airport (36 miles), and Hawarden Airport (42 miles).

Hospital: Withington Community, Nell Lane, Manchester, M20 2LR.

Council: Manchester City Council.

Attractions: Manchester United Museum and Tour Centre, Gallery of Costumes, Museum of Hatting, Parsonage Gardens, and Stockport Air Raid Shelters.


What causes sale-conveyancing work to take such a long time?

The legal work needed to either sell or purchase a house or flat can be lengthy for a number of reasons. Homeward Legal does the best job to minimise their impact whenever possible by driving the sale or purchase forward with proactive communication.

For more information, try our quote calculator, or call our team of experts on 0800 038 6699 to obtain your fixed-fee quote protected by our ‘No Completion, No Fee’ guarantee.


As our move to Didsbury is an expensive business, we need to cut costs where possible. We’ve heard about schemes to avoid paying stamp duty, but how do we go about taking advantage of them?

Stamp duty avoidance schemes are very risky and uneconomic. Homeward Legal therefore strongly advises that you don’t get involved with any of them. If the scheme fails, you could be liable for a financial penalty of up to 100% of the stamp duty, plus the amount of the outstanding duty, which could run into thousands of pounds.

The government occasionally runs legitimate schemes to assist home-buyers (such as relief for first-time purchasers). Your solicitor will be able to tell you if any such schemes are in operation, and, if so, whether you are eligible. If you’re still concerned, find out how low Homeward Legal’s costs are for a high quality service by calling 0800 038 6699.


At what point do we need to instruct a conveyancer to handle our purchase in Didsbury?

With very few exceptions, the faster you instruct a solicitor the better, as conveyancing involves various tasks that can be performed immediately, thereby giving you a head start. Instructing your solicitor sooner can also limit the risk of your transaction stalling.

If you’re ready to go and you like the look of our fixed-fee quote matched by our ‘No Completion, No Fee’ guarantee, call Homeward Legal’s property experts now to instruct your solicitor.


Will the house's ‘fixtures and fittings’ form list things such as light switches?

House-buyers are often confused by the vagueness surrounding which fixtures and fittings will be included with a property. To avoid misunderstandings, a ‘fixtures and fittings’ form should be agreed early in the process.

This will clarify precisely which items will be sold with the property. Generally speaking, ‘fixtures’ are items which are attached to walls, ceilings or floors, while ‘fittings’ are items that can be easily moved.


Is gazumping common in Didsbury?

Gazumping occurs when the first buyer's offer is later rejected by the house-seller, in preference of a greater offer from another. The chance of gazumping exists for almost any purchase until the exchange of contracts, when the transaction becomes legally binding. Instructing a fast, efficient solicitor as soon as you can should help to mitigate this risk.

Call Homeward Legal on 0800 038 6699 to find out more and to get your fixed-fee conveyancing quote.


What is the council tax on a terraced property in Didsbury?

Your appointed solicitor, as one of the common components of the conveyancing process, will contact the civic authority responsible for council tax (here Manchester City Council) to ascertain the precise band and the tax rates you will be required to pay. This information will be detailed in the report on title.

For the 2018/19 tax year, Didsbury’s rates were:

  • Band A - £1,044.52
  • Band B - £1,218.61
  • Band C - £1,392.69
  • Band D - £1,566.79
  • Band E - £1,914.96
  • Band F - £2,263.14
  • Band G - £2,611.31
  • Band H - £3,133.58

Information retrieved from the Manchester City Council website on 5 July 2018


Which mortgage lender panels in Didsbury are you on?

Most lenders in Didsbury are on our Didsbury solicitors' panel, so we can represent them as well as you, protecting you from stumping up for their legal fees on top of ours.

Didsbury lenders and mortgage specialists include:

  • Barclays Bank PLC, 753-755 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 6RN
  • Clayton Hulme Patnership, 101a Lapwing Lane, Manchester, M20 6UR
  • Jordan Fishwick Financial Services Ltd., 757-759 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 6RN

The solicitor managing the legal work for your move should be able to carry out any relevant lender-imposed searches or checks.


The estate agent we are using in Didsbury has recommended the property solicitor they normally work with. Do I need to instruct them?

It is common for agents in Penrith to endorse one or more conveyancing firms. However, such referrals must be carefully considered, as there is a risk that the agent may suggest whichever firm pays the most per referral, and not the best value for you.

Homeward Legal is a great option for your conveyancing needs. Try our online calculator for your fixed-fee quote protected by our ‘No Completion, No Fee’ guarantee. Or call or waiting team on 0800 038 6699.