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Conveyancing in Dover Q & A's

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Updated: 16/07/17

Local Dover attractions

The White Cliffs of Dover National Trust Dover Castle English Heritage and Capel-le-Ferne St Mary the Virgin Churches Conservation Trust are situated in Dover.

Dover Priory train station is around 1 mile from Dover and Dover's closest airport is Manston, Kent International Airport (15 miles). Manston Airport is 16 miles and Lydd Airport is 21 mile away.

The nearest hospital to Dover is Buckland Dover.


How do I get the best rates for conveyancing in Dover for a £664,000 property?


Several firms offer theoretically cheap conveyancing, however additional fees are often hiding in the terms and conditions which unwary homeowners fail to check. Your quote ought to list applicable disbursements.


Do it yourself conveyancing without using a property lawyer in Dover appears to be becoming possible when buying a maisonette but would it actually be viable ?


Should you desire t have a go you can certainly do the legal and technical work without having a skilled Dover conveyancer. Above all else DIY conveyancers might come a cropper appropriate insurance cover which all solicitors practices will obtain.


Should we be concerned about gazumping?


This takes place when a seller accepts one purchaser's offer, only to reject it, opting for a second purchaser's offer. The will be a risk of getting gazumped in any transaction, because offers are not binding until exchange of contracts. You should instruct your solicitor early to reduce the chance of gazumping.


We are buying a £247000 home in Dover, what should be worked out for stamp duty tax?

The rate of stamp duty that is payable will rely on the house's value. Stamp duty will be £2470 on a £247000 residential property in Dover.


What can a Dover conveyancing lawyer do if the property is in a registered conservation area and has conspicuous roof aerials fitted?


Your instructed lawyer should see if the property is within a designated conservation area, and if so, whether any alterations have the appropriate permissions from the local planning authority. In the absence of any consents, your conveyancing solicitor will advise you of the best alternatives, which include getting retrospective permission from the planning authority or getting covered by an indemnity insurance policy.


For fast conveyancing on the purchase of a £781,000 property, what should we do?


The key to a fast completion is to employing a proactive and experienced conveyancing solicitor. There are, however, a range of things you, as the purchaser, could do. These include:

  • asking for property searches to be ordered immediately
  • promptly completing and return any forms
  • arranging any finances require to complete the purchase


I have read about the fact that 2012 was second wettest year since on record, we are worried that flood searches aren't thorough enough?


Environmental searches carried out by a Dover conveyancing solicitor should also include a more in depth flood search if the risk warrants it.

If you are still concerned why not contact a local resident.


At what point should we find a conveyancing solicitor?


In the majority of situations, instructing as early as possible is better. The legal work can then commence straight away. Promptly instructing a solicitor can reduce the likelihood of the transaction falling through.