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Conveyancing in Easton Q & A's

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Updated: 25/07/17

Easton area information

Bristol St Paul Churches Conservation Trust and Bristol St Thomas the Martyr Churches Conservation Trust are around Easton.

The closest airport to Easton is Bristol Airport. The nearest station to Easton is Lawrence Hill, about a mile away.

Easton is nearby at around 1/4 miles of junction entry 3 Northbound of the M32.

The closest hospital is Heath House Priory Day Bristol.


We need to find a fixed rate conveyancing estimate in Easton. and what is included?


Many property lawyers promote cheap conveyancing quotes, however additional charges may be added into the solicitor's terms of engagement which homeowners may have not read carefully


I urgently need fast solicitors in Easton - is that Homeward Legal?


Our lawyers take a speed focused method to concluding the necessary legal work for movers as quickly as possible. Homeward Legals solicitors method is different - we always use the very latest technology and online completion systems .

Crucially we always allocate you a home moving lawyer practiced at communicate by phone and email up and down the buyer and seller chain .


There are a lot of books about doing ones own conveyancing as a seller of a house - Is it a good idea to take care of the legal work myself?


If you wish to attempt this you can conceivably do the greater part of the legal work without external help from a specialist conveyancing solicitor in Easton. That said, a conveyancing solicitor handles a significant number of roles from such as chasing notices/share certificates and apportioning ground rents most of which need a skilled professional.

Above all else DIY conveyancers take huge risks in operating without acceptable professional indemnity insurance which every lawyers are liable to be required to be covered by.


What are our options if we buy a location] house in a Bristol council designated conservation area ?


Part of the legal due diligence when buying a property involves the making of enquiries of Bristol local authority to confirm conservation area status and the required consent for alterations. .


Do we need to get a chancel search if I am buying a Easton flat conversion close to a parsonage?


Repair costs resulting from chancel liability can total hundreds of thousands of pounds. Liability has the potential to impact the value of a property, but insurance is available should an obligation to fund repairs be enforced. Church properties in Easton include St Peter, St Peter, Christian Family Centre and St Peter.


My local agent has named a firm of solicitors. Do I need to use them?


Estate agent referrals are a not uncommon route to find a solicitor. However, if they are paid a referral fee, there is a risk that the agent may suggest the firm which pays to the largest referral fee, not the best solicitor for your needs.


As a consequence of the widespread flooding in Sept 2012 in South West England we are worried that environmental searches may not be sufficient?


Your Easton conveyancing solicitor should get additional flood searches if the initial searches spots a any kind of Easton flood risk area data

For extra area background you could also try to speak to a neighbour of the property.


Do fixtures and fittings include things like paintings, pictures and mirrors?


Chiefly, fixtures are fixed items, such as radiators to walls, floors or ceilings securely, whereas fixtures can be more easily removed. Completion or agreement of a fixtures and fittings form is unfortunately often left to the last minute, when a dispute may jeopordise the transaction.