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Conveyancing in Hawkhurst Q & A's

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Updated: 13/10/17

Living in the Hawkhurst area? ;

The nearest airport to Hawkhurst is Lydd Airport. Rochester Airport is 21 mile away and the closest station to Hawkhurst is Etchingham.

Hawkhurst Cranbrook is the neighbouring hospital.


How do I find a cheap solicitor quote to buy leasehold property?


Many solicitors claim to offer supposedly cheap conveyancing, but additional fees are often hiding in the solicitor's terms of engagement. Any costs which are listed in your solicitor's terms should be fair and reasonable. The disbursements to be paid should also be clearly stated on a conveyancing quote


Having read about the fact that last year was second wettest year since on record I am worried that environmental searches may not be exacting enough?


The conveyancing solicitor in Hawkhurst should always get additional flood risk searches if the standard searches spots a significant risk Hawkhurst area flood risk

You can always speak to a next door neighbour for additional local information.


Does 'fixtures and fittings' include things like light switches?


Buyers in Hawkhurst will often be frustrated with the lack of formality over fixtures and fittings. To avoid confusion, a list should be agreed by both sides, saving heartache once the sale is completed.


We are buying on a new-build brownfield land. Can the top-soil still be contaminated?

With this region's industrial history in parts of Hawkhurst, top-soil contamination is inescapable. Also considering issues such as asbestos, contaminants affecting Hawkhurst property will be factored into an environmental search.


In the next month we are looking to move from our terraced residence in Hawkhurst into a property in Faversham , when to choose a removals firm?


We will recommend that buyers and sellers wait until such time as exchange of contracts as in advance of this commonly a moving date wont have been settled.

Speak to Compass, Horns Hill, Hawkhurst, Cranbrook, TN18 4XG on 01580 754391.


If I am buying near Hawkhurst, in the parish of Thanington, do we need a chancel search?


A Hawkhurst conveyancing solicitor may suggest that a chancel search is ordered, irrespective of the parish where the house being bought is found. Through some church councils have exercised their right to exact chancel repairs on owners, it cannot be guaranteed that a parish where dues have not recently been paid will not automatically be the case for future owners, so it can be difficult to use this as a guide.


Do your property lawyers a lot of experience at the legal conveyancing of property auction properties in Hawkhurst?


Yes - Homeward Legal is very capable working with buyers and sellers at auction. Lawyers often recommend buyers at auction to formally appoint their chosen conveyancing lawyer before the date of the auction to allow time for a detailed review of the legal papers for the lot.

Thereafter, following the auction day itself your lawyer is wholly prepared for rapidly concluding the legal work inside a as tight time frame as usually required .


Would arranging a home buyers survey be a good idea when purchasing residential property?


It is strongly advised that Hawkhurst buyers arrange a surveyor. Numerous defects affect a property, which include wet rot.