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Updated: 23/04/18

Lansbury area information

Trinity Buoy Wharf Lighthouse, Blackheath Old Dover Rd Library Art Gallery and Museum of the Royal Arttillery:Firepower Aviation Museum are in Lansbury.

Lansbury's nearest train station is Limehouse at 1 mile s. London City Airport is 2 miles from Lansbury. Heathrow Terminals 1 2 3 Airport is 20 miles, London Heliport Airport is 9 miles, Heathrow Terminal 5 Airport is 21 mile s, Heathrow Terminal 4 Airport is 20 miles, Northolt Jet Centre Airport is 18 miles, Elstree Airport is 17 miles, Rochester Airport is 25 miles and London Biggin Hill Airport is 13 miles away.

Motorists are well served with Lansbury enjoying excellent motorway access close at nearby at 1/4 miles of the A102M.

The closest hospital is London Independent Stepney.


I need a solicitors firm that offers cheap conveyancing in Lansbury. Will I get a quote or and estimate?


Confusion over this point affects many buyers who opted for a very cheap quote, only to be stung later in the conveyancing process, and many conveyancers promote supposedly cheap conveyancing quotes, but additional charges are often hiding in the solicitor's terms of engagement. These terms are often ignored by excited buyers, eager to get underway. Your quote must also state any disbursements. Extra charges included in the small print should be fair and clearly defined. They only be applied if your conveyancer is required to complete unexpected extra work on your behalf, which could not be anticipated at the start of the process.


I am buying a £871000, what should be worked out for SDLT?


The Stamp Duty which will be owed depends on the value of the house or flat. It is £34840 on a £871000 property.


What can searches be?

The cost of searches on a Lansbury purchase can vary, depending on the searches chosen. They are paid out to a 3rd party, and are charged at cost.


What should I be conscious of if we buy a period house in a Newham council conservation area ?


Part of conveyancing involves ordering of LLC1 searches of the Newham authority to confirm conservation area status and consent for any changes. LLC1 searches are not fees and are charged without markup to the client.


How much is the council tax on a residential converted home in Lansbury?


In most cases the title report should include the appropriate Newham council tax band. Correct rates for residents of Lansbury are set out at the Newham council site. As of 09/03/2013 the rates are:

  • Band A - £835.00
  • Band B - £974.00
  • Band C - £1,113.00
  • Band D - £1,252.00
  • Band E - £1,531.00
  • Band F - £1,809.00
  • Band G - £2,087.00
  • Band H - £2,505.00


What does 'fixtures and fittings' include?


In the main, fixtures are fixed items, such as shelving to walls, floors or ceilings securely and fixtures are free-standing. Early agreement of a list of fixtures and fittings will avoid later disputes, clarifying to both parties what items will stay, and which will be removed.


Lawyers in Lansbury order official property conveyancing searches when they are acting for a purchaser, which actual ones?


When obtaining a mortgage, your lender mandates at least the following Local Authority (personal or official), Drainage Search and Environmental, as well as any special local Lansbury searches e.g. a British Waterways.


What kind of analysis concerning the risk of flooding in Tower Hamlets will a Lansbury conveyancing solicitor advise us on?


A vital step in the legal due diligence procedure involves your conveyancing solicitor applying for environmental searches that set out specific information about the Lansbury area flood risk.