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Updated: 15/01/18

Local Manningtree attractions

Flatford National Trust Little Bromley St Mary the Virgin Churches Conservation Trust and Little Wenham All Saints Churches Conservation Trust are situated in Manningtree.

Elmsett, Whatfield Rd Airport is 10 miles from Manningtree. Clacton Airport is 12 miles and Elmsett Airport is 10 miles away. The nearest station to Manningtree is Manningtree.

The most convenient hospital for Manningtree is Defoe Day Colchester.


We are trying to find an affordable Manningtree conveyancing quote. What do we need to consider?


Various firms purport to offer theoretically cheap conveyancing. Unfortunately extra fees are often hiding in the solicitor's terms which unwary homeowners fail to check. Any additional fees listed in terms and conditions should be reasonable. The disbursements to be paid should also be clearly stated on your quote. Our quotes clearly state all legal fees for a standard conveyancing transaction.


Could manganese (Mn) contaminate land in Manningtree?


With the history of industry in parts of Manningtree, soil contamination cannot be totally avoided. Also considering issues such as fertilisers, contaminants affecting Manningtree property will be factored into an environmental search.


Is contaminated land an issue for many residential properties in Manningtree?


Manningtree property can be contaminated by a broad range of human activities, like brine works or pollution incidents. An environmental search will offer more detail.


We are anticipating to move from our terraced property near Manningtree into our new house in Maldon at what stage to instruct a house removal firm?

The ideal approach is for buyers to delay booking a removal van until such time as you have firmed up a home moving date which happens once contracts have exchanged.

Local removals firms include Schofield R & D Ltd, Harwich Rd, Lawford, Manningtree, CO11 2LR Telephone: 01206 233376.


Northern Rock will be our mortgage lender - what will we need to know?


Traditionally, most solicitors could act for the majority lenders. Buyers in Manningtree should be aware that some lenders have opted to reduce the size of their 'solicitor panel'. This can mean increased legal costs for home buyers. Homeward Legal can act on behalf of most CML-approved lenders so that you will not be required to pay an additional fee for your lender's solicitor.


Is a home buyers survey advisable if we are purchasing a house in Manningtree?


It is strongly suggested that Manningtree buyers arrange a RICS surveyor to undertake a survey. A range problems can negatively affect a property. These can include dry rot or roof spread, and issues such as these are not likely to be investigated as part of the conveyancing itself.


As a consequence of the fact that last year was second wettest year since 1920 I am thinking that flood searches might not be sufficient?


Your property solicitor in Manningtree will consider get environmental searches if the initial conveyancing searches identifies a significant risk Manningtree flooding risk.

It may be sensible to converse with a next door neighbour for that additional insight or local Essex flood damage business e.g. Rose Builders Ltd, Riverside House/Riverside Av East, Lawford, Manningtree, CO11 1US Tel: 01206 392613.


If we are intending to purchase in the parish of Aythorpe Roding, should we order a chancel search?


A solicitor may suggest that a chancel search be taken out. In older areas of Manningtree, chancel repair may be apportioned on the current owners of a residence where Parochial Church Councils may have spared previous owners or tenants. For property in the parish of Aythorpe Roding, it is not safe to rely on the historical behaviour of the parish council alone as a guide.