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Conveyancing In Newcastle upon Tyne Q & A's

If I am purchasing in a parish of Newcastle upon Tyne, do we need a chancel search?

The solicitor could advise that a chancel search be taken out, whichever parish where the home being bought is located. Through some Parochial Church Councils have exercised their right to exact chancel repairs on the current owners of affected property, there is no way to be certain that a parish which has not imposed liability will continue to be free from liability. It is not safe to rely on the historical behaviour of the parish council alone as a guide.

For a fast conveyancing process on the purchase of a £271,000 house, what can we do to speed up our transaction?

Experienced buyers will tell you that moving faster is key is to use a experienced lawyer. When finding a lawyer, you should ask yourself the following: Was there a delay delivering a quote? Are phone, fax and email their preferred methods of contact Do they order searches immediately?

Could our legal fees include any additional costs?

Homeward Legal's solicitors never charge any hidden extra costs regardless of circumstances. Your quote is an accurate price the legal expenses for your move.

How is Newcastle upon Tyne contaminated land checked when buying?

Property may be contaminated by several factors caused by man and by nature, such as existing and proposed overhead electricity cables or local waste transfer sites. An environmental search will give more detail.

What are Newcastle upon Tyne searches? Do I have to have them?

Searches are a collection of formal questions requested by the property solicitor, and will cover the legal condition of the property's title as well as any local environmental problems that may affect the safety and value of your new home.

However, you should be aware that searches will not take the place of a survey, and if you want to know details of the house’s structure or condition, you will need a survey as searches will not cover this.

Why not read our guide to conveyancing searches to find out more.

Will my Newcastle upon Tyne solicitor be applying for personal or official searches?

This all depends on a number of situations, such as whether your mortgage lender has a preference, or where your property is based.

Speak to your conveyancer to find out more, or take a look at a reputable local search provider like Searches UK - 0800 043 1815.

We are buying in Newcastle upon Tyne, and need to know if there are any conservation areas.

The areas in or near Newcastle upon Tyne will include numerous areas of historic or architectural significance designated as areas of conservation. You may wish to contact the local authority for further information, but your solicitor will address this during the house-buying process.

In a few weeks I am moving from our semi-detached house near Newcastle upon Tyne to a bigger place in Gateshead. So when is the best point to instruct a removal company?

Most solicitors encourage buyers to hold off arranging removals until exchange of contracts because the exact date will not have been decided yet and you will risk being charged from rearranging with your removals company.

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