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Conveyancing in Royton Q & A's

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Updated: 13/01/17

Local data:

Derker station is approximately a mile from Royton. Eccles, Barton Aerodrome Airport is 13 miles from Royton. Manchester Terminals 1 & 3 Airport is 16 miles, Manchester Terminal 2 Airport is 16 miles and Eccles Airport is 13 miles away.

Motorists are well catered for with Royton ideally situated with good motorway access very close at about 1 mile of the A627M.

Royton, Orchard House Day is the closest hospital for Royton.


On the purchase of a £113,000 home, what will be the fees? We are looking for a low cost conveyancing quote in Royton.


Various firms promote so-called 'the cheapest conveyancing', but additional fees may be added into small print. The quote ought to define the disbursements to be paid.


We would prefer to exchange contracts on the conveyancing process on our auctioned flat in as short a time as possible, are you very fast Royton solicitors ?


All too often law firms are very procrastinating which creates large amounts of stress to the property selling process. Homeward Legal only introduce you to chosen solicitors that attempt to efficiently communicate by phone and email throughout the home buyer and seller chain . In addition our solicitors are specifically chosen as they all employ the best integrated technology to complete your move fast.


It seems that cobalt (Co) soil contamination may be an issue in Royton. Please advise.


Royton's local area has a history of contamination from industry and natural causes, like much of the UK. Metal contamination of top-soil in Royton is more likely to occur near waste treatment sites. Data on other contaminants, like groundwater contamination and industrial storage, will also be included in an environmental search.


If I am buying close to a church built in the 16th Century in Royton, do you recommend that we get a search for chancel liability?

Owners of property near to a church in the area are expected to contribute towards the cost of repairs, as a result of chancel repair liability. A chancel search checks that such a liability exists. Liability is more common in some parts of the country. Church properties in this area where chancel liability may apply include St Anne, Longsight and St Paul.


Does my assigned Royton lawyer report back to me about the cost of the council tax for a Band A maisonette before completion?


A property lawyer will speak to the governing Oldham local authority to discover the correct council tax rates, which will be added to the title report. Council tax rates for residents of Royton are detailed on the Oldham local authority website. At the time of authoring (22 November 2012) the different rates are:

  • Band A - £1,032.00
  • Band B - £1,204.00
  • Band C - £1,375.00
  • Band D - £1,547.00
  • Band E - £1,891.00
  • Band F - £2,235.00
  • Band G - £2,579.00
  • Band H - £3,095.00


If we plan to buy in the parish of Royton, will we need a chancel search?


The conveyancing lawyer could advise a chancel search, whichever parish in which the building being purchased is found. Through some Parochial Church Councils have chosen to exact chancel repairs on the current owners of affected property, a conveyancing solicitor cannot verify that a parish which has not imposed liability will not automatically be the case for future owners, so it can be difficult to use this as a guide.


We are intending to buy a flat in a designated conservation areas, how does one get details about the current state of upkeep?


English Heritage administer information on the state of conservation areas along with the vulnerability to standards slipping. Conservation areas are designated by the local authority (Oldham) who maintain conservation area concerns from public spaces to the obstruction of advertising hoardings.


For fast conveyancing on the purchase of a £748k house, what can we do to accelerate the transaction?


Instructing a communicative conveyancer is essential to fast Royton conveyancing. There are numerous things you can also do to accelerate the process, such as, requesting regular updates from your conveyancer and keep the pressure on, quickly answering your conveyancer's questions and clarifying your mortgage lender's requirements.