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Conveyancing In Shadwell Q & A's

When we are buying a property near church grounds in Shadwell, is it recommended that I get a chancel search?

Owners of property proximate to a local church are expected to subsidise repairs, as a result of chancel repair liability. Indemnity policies can be arranged if chancel liability is likely to be enforced. The solicitor handling your conveyancing will be able to advise as to whether a chancel search is necessary. Church of England properties in Shadwell where a chancel search may be necessary include St Paul and St Paul.

How soon do I need to get a solicitor in Shadwell?

The straightforward answer is, the earlier, the better. Some groups suggest holding off instruction until an offer is accepted, but you will then be at a serious disadvantage in the event of a contract race, or buyer eager to move quickly.

As a result of the fact that last year was second wettest year since records began we are asking if property conveyancing searches may not be sufficient?

A qualified property solicitor in Shadwell will carry out conveyancing and environmental searches from Landmark if the standard conveyancing searches spots a significant risk Shadwell flooding risk.

For extra area background might be able to converse with a neighbour of the property.

What are searches, and how do they differ from a survey?

Searches are a set of enquiries carried out by your surveyor to various authorities such as the local council, HM Land Registry, etc., and focuses on the impact of the local area on your potential enjoyment of living at the property, while a survey (a HomeBuyer Report or Building Survey) is focused on the structural integrity of the home and its permanent outbuildings and constructions.

While each may throw up similar issues (such as missing planning consents or boundary issues), they are very different and achieve very different purposes.

Our solicitors at Homeward Legal are willing and happy to explain anything you don't understand in the conveyancing, because you need to know what you're getting for our competitively-priced fixed fee. Call our team on 0800 038 6699.

I am intending to purchase with ITL Mortgages - what will I need to consider?

Buyers in Shadwell should be aware that, over the last two years, some lenders have reduced the number of firms able to act for them. Homeward Legal will act for most lenders so that the buyer will not have to pay legal costs to your lender's solicitor.

The estate agent we're using in Shadwell has suggested the solicitor . Will it be cheaper to use them?

Many agents have referral deals with solicitors whereby they refer work to them. These referrals need to be weighed up against alternatives, as the agent may recommend the solicitor willing to pay the highest referral fee, not a firm with local expertise and a solid reputation.

Should I get my short lease extended before selling?

Buyers are becoming increasingly wary of buying leaseholds with less than 90 years to run because, first, the cost of increasing a leasehold is becoming far more expensive, and, second, mortgage companies are becoming increasingly reticent to lend money to buy leases that have dropped below the 80-year mark (indeed, this will be one of the criteria that they set to ensure their investment is protected).

As a result, buyers will often insist that the leasehold be extended back up to the 99-year or 125-year typical thresholds before going ahead and buying it. So, as the current leaseholder, you will almost certainly be expected to do the legal work required to extend the lease to a level that buyers will be happy with.

I need especially fast Shadwell solicitors, is that your firm?

A lot of solicitors are lackadaisical which can add even more concern to the house moving process.

With us, expert panel of solicitors are proactive and will always attempt to communicate efficiently to the whole property chain (sequence of buyers and sellers) and that utilise state of the art HMRC and Land Registry integrated and information technology systems to push through your home move as quickly as possible.