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Updated: 18/10/17

Transport and public service information if you’re buying or selling residential property in Shrewsbury -

By road: Shrewsbury is served by the A5, A49 and A458. By rail: The nearest train station is Shrewsbury. By air: The nearest airports to Shrewsbury are Chester Air Link (46 miles), and Birmingham Airport (58 miles).

Hospital: Royal Shrewsbury, Mytton Oak Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 8XQ. Council: Shropshire Council (

Attractions: Shrewsbury Regimental Museum, Shrewsbury Abbey, Shrewsbury Castle, The Quantum Leap, and Dingle Gardens.


We have a leasehold property to purchase in Shrewsbury. How do we get fast legal work?

Instructing a proactive property lawyer is crucial to speedier conveyancing. When selecting your lawyer, you should also consider the following:

  • Do they use email and phone as the preferred modes of communication?
  • Do they offer 'instant' online quotes?
  • Are they 'no move, no fee'? This can incentivise a faster transaction.

Homeward Legal provides these and more. Try our quote calculator, or call our team of conveyancing experts on 0800 038 6699 for a fixed-fee quote reinforced with our ‘No Move, No Fee’ guarantee.


Environmental searches may be a standard procedure for home-buyers, but when you consider climate change (e.g. the major flooding of the Midlands in 2012), are they thorough enough to provide sufficient information on the Shrewsbury area flood-risk?

Flood searches conducted by your conveyancer are indeed part of the standard conveyancing package. But, should the level of risk be deemed significant, your lawyer will also order the far more specialist flood search. It may be prudent to also chat to a local resident to allay your concerns further. Or you could call on a local Shropshire flood-damage business, such as: D & G Richards Ltd., Burntcroft House, Annscroft, Shrewsbury, SY5 8AN (Tel: 01743 860044).


How much will the searches for our planned Shrewsbury property cost?

The charges for the conveyancing searches can vary significantly, depending on which particular ones are ordered and the depth to which they are taken. They are disbursements paid to a third party and charged to you at cost. Homeward Legal’s quotes make the distinction between solicitor’s fees and disbursements very clear, so you know how much your final legal bill will be. Contact our expert team on 0800 038 6699 for more information and to get a fixed-fee quote.


Of the major Shrewsbury lenders, which ones are on your panel?

Most lenders in Shrewsbury are on our Shrewsbury solicitors' panel. Local mortgage lenders and brokers in the town and its environs include:

  • Principality Building Society, 2 The Square, Shrewsbury, SY1 1LA
  • Barclays Bank PLC, 44-46 Castle Street, Shrewsbury, SY1 2BU
  • A-Z Mortgages Ltd., Besford Lodge, 59a Belle Vue Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 7LX

We are buying a townhouse in the centre of Shrewsbury, but how do we find out what council tax band it falls into?

Council tax rates and the banding are controlled by the civic authority (for Shrewsbury that’s Shropshire Council). When you appoint your conveyancer, one of the standard tasks is to contact the council and confirm the tax band and associated rate that you will be charged. The latest tax rates can be found on the council’s website (see the public service information section at the top of these FAQs for a link). The rates for the 2016/2017 tax year were:

  • Band A - £1,023.15
  • Band B - £1,193.68
  • Band C - £1,364.20
  • Band D - £1,534.73
  • Band E - £1,875.78
  • Band F - £2,216.84
  • Band G - £2,577.88
  • Band H - £3,069.46

Retrieved 2 March 2017


Our lender will probably be Virgin, but is there anything I need to know before we commit?

Over the last few years, some lenders have reduced the number of firms on their approved solicitor panel, resulting in increased legal costs for buyers if their chosen solicitor is unable to act both on their behalf, and for their lender. Homeward Legal will act on behalf of many lenders in the UK, so you won’t have to pick up your lender’s legal costs. Use our online quote calculator, or call us on 0800 038 6699 for a fixed-fee quote reinforced with our ‘No Move, No Fee’ guarantee.


Should I appoint the conveyancing solicitor put forward by my local agent in Shrewsbury?

There’s nothing stopping you using the solicitor suggested by your estate agent but neither is it a legal necessity. Such referrals need to be considered carefully, as an agent may select the conveyancer who pays out the highest referral fee, not a firm with local expertise and a solid reputation.


Are many buyers in Shrewsbury gazumped?

Gazumping occurs when a seller agrees to one buyer's offer, only to refuse it in favour of a greater offer. It is a rather unpalatable fact of house-moving life that the risk of gazumping exists for almost any purchase. However, instructing a conveyancing solicitor as early as possible to handle your transaction should help to reduce the likelihood of gazumping. Use our online quote calculator or call Homeward Legal on 0800 038 6699 for your guaranteed ‘No Move, No Fee’, fixed-fee quote.


We are buying in Shrewsbury on a new development former industrial site. Is the soil possibly contaminated?


There are laws in place to curtail soil contamination. Metal contamination of soil in Shrewsbury is more likely to occur near ex-industrial sites or ex-landfills. Data on other contaminants, like organohalides, will also be included in an environmental search.


Our lender will be Virgin, is there anything I need to know?


Over the last two years, some lenders have reduced the number of firms on their approved panel, resulting in increased legal costs for buyers if their chosen solicitor is unable to act both on their behalf, and for their lender. Homeward Legal will act on behalf of many lenders in the UK.


How do I get out of paying out for SDLT?


Homeward Legal firmly advise against any stamp duty mitigation. Such schemes are expensive and unreliable.


I have been reading about doing ones own conveyancing as a seller of a maisonette. Might it be viable to take care of the conveyancing on a DIY basis myself?


There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't carry out the greater majority of the legal process without the help of a trained conveyancer in Shrewsbury.

In reality however, a solicitor carries out a large number of exercises including chasing retention releases and apportioning ground rents which are more safely handled with appropriate the relevant training. Critically DIY conveyancers take huge risks in operating without relevant insurance cover which solicitors must carry.


My wife and I are interested in purchasing a building in Shrewsbury. How can we check that the building is in a conservation area?


With 9300 such areas listed in England, the areas in or near Shrewsbury include numerous conservation areas. Your conveyancing solicitor will be able to advise further and discuss the relevant responsibilities, regarding specific conservation areas in Shrewsbury.


For a property valued at £165000, how is stamp duty tax calculated?


The Stamp Duty you must pay will depend on the house or flat's value. It will be £1650 on a £165000 property.


Why could conveyancing for a purchase have so many delays?


The conveyancing process can endure stressful setbacks even where there is no chain. Some causes are beyond a solicitor's influence. Homeward Legal endeavour to minimise their burden where it is possible to do so by pushing all parties involved. Reasons for delay can include slow third parties such as landlords or managing agents.