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Conveyancing In South Croydon Q & A's

As a result of the fact that last year was second wettest year since 1920 I am wondering whether flood risk searches may not be exacting enough?

A diligent South Croydon lawyer will consider carry out property environmental searches if the environmental searches determine a any kind of risk of flooding in South Croydon

It may be prudent to speak to a close neighbour for additional further local information.

What sort of due diligence into the uncertain risk of a flood in the Surrey region will a South Croydon property lawyer look into?

An integral component in the conveyancing protocol of buying a property involves the conveyancing solicitor conducting property environmental searches that set out details in relation to South Croydon flood risk area data. Also as an additional measure your solicitor in South Croydon will often advocate a significantly more local South Croydon flood risk search.

Should I accept an offer on my home if I haven’t found one to buy?

From your prospective buyer’s standpoint, they are not going to want to wait around for you to find somewhere to move to necessarily, meaning that they might drop out of the process to look for a property that is more readily available. However, you might want to have the discussion with your estate agent as to the best way to manage this as part of the process of putting your house on the market.

It’s not always going to be easy for everyone in the chain to have everything lined up from mortgage offers, sale price agreements, solicitors, surveys and so on. Therefore, you can be honest and tell your prospective buyer that, while you’re accepting the price, you haven’t completed your part in the chain; if they are unhappy with this, your other option is to consider a short-term rental or moving in with friends temporarily to protect the sale.

With our experienced solicitors at low, fixed-fee quotes with 'No Completion, No Fee' protection, Homeward Legal is in the best position to look after your conveyancing. Call us now on 0800 038 6699 to get started.

I am buying a £728000, what will be determined for SDLT?

The SDLT that will be due will depend on the purchase price. It is £29120 on a £728000 house in South Croydon.

The web is awash many useful books all about by passing the solicitor e.g. Conveyancing Forms and Procedures by Annette Goss, Lorraine Richardson and Michael Taylor. Do we necessarily have to use South Croydon lawyer ?

Technically, there is no argument at all why a home buyer shouldn't handle the legal work on your own.

However, a property lawyer in South Croydon carries out a huge array of roles from e.g. chasing lender for comments on issues raised and checking for any restrictive covenants some of which require a qualified professional. Despite that lawyers always carry indemnity insurance to insulate you in the event of any oversights on the part of the solicitor.

Can I change the purpose of use for a purchase as part of the conveyancing procedure?

Putting in a planning request to change the use of part or all of a property is a straightforward process and you can deal directly with the local authority, which authorises plans and requests. However, tying it in with a planned purchase of a property has its own problems, since you don’t yet formally own the property, and the length of time to get through the planning process (with no guarantee of success) will need to be factored into the purchase duration, which the seller may not agree to.

We would advise you to either buy the property and then put in the planning request after completion (or exchange at the very earliest), or buy a property that’s already fit for your purposes. Or you might be lucky to find a property that already has the relevant planning consents in place.

Is there a benefit to going to auction over a standard estate agent sale?

The majority of homes sold via an estate agent will be in a reasonable condition and usually modernised, whereas auction properties will often require a lot of modernisation or structural work before it can be lived in. That’s not to say you can’t use either for your sale, of course, irrespective of the state of the property.

Whichever option you choose, you should line up a focused, proactive solicitor on a fixed-fee agreement protected by a ‘No Completion, No Fee’ guarantee. You should appoint them as early as possible, too, so that the conveyancing work can start immediately – this is particularly important for auctions, as there is usually a four-week completion stipulation on its sale.

At Homeward Legal, we offer you’re the best quality service on all types of sale and purchase, including auctions, for competitively low fees protected by our 'No Completion, No Fee' guarantee. Try our online quote calculator or call our team on 0800 038 6699.

Which local authority looks after South Croydon?

South Croydon is located in London Borough of Croydon Council, Taberner House, Park Lane, Croydon, CR9 3JS, phone: 020 8726 6005